Withered have a new album coming out. You may have heard. I would have this shit up sooner, but I had to have lunch with Halo Girl. Don’t ask. Just know that she’s awesome, honest, and gorgeous — and taken. All the good ones are. FUCK! Not to sound grizzled or desperate, but I hate being single. It blows. Can I get an “Amen?”

Withered’s disc will be in stores October 26 and that’s the art for it, in case you can’t read and wanna still find the album in the store. But then, why would you be on my site? Oh, wait, I know — probably for pictures like the one after the jump. Anyways, the record will feature seven songs and an outro. Guess they’re going to be some long-ass songs.

Some of the songs include “Extinguished With The Weary,” “Seek the Shrouded,” “From Shadows” and “The Progenitor’s Grasp.”

Paul Romano did the artwork, and there will be a limited edition gatefold double LP available, pressed on 150 gram vinyl (like that matters). That version comes with a bonus 33 minute instrumental track. Dope.

She likes Withered

Entertainment Withered’s Dualitas Coming October 26