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Rosen & Milkshake at Vesuvio Bar, September 25th

Rosen & Milkshake
Rosen & Milkshake

With Duofest right around the corner, here is your chance to get a sneak peak of home grown duo Rosen & Milkshake on September 25th at 8pm!  Local comedians Charles Rosen and the affectionately nicknamed Apple Milkshake bring their playful brand of improv comedy to Vesuvio Bar not only this Saturday, but EVERY MONTH following, and once November rolls around this will be a bi-monthly engagement!

Rosen & Milkshake exemplify some of the coolest stuff that duo improv has to offer while still putting their interesting stamp on each performance.  They are two performers sharing the same brain, always on the same page.  They open with two characters and at any moment could launch into a completely different world, full of crazies and nutjobs, then wind up right back where they started.  Both performers truly are having a great time on stage and that makes for a fun experience for their audience.  Rosen & Milkshake are a very unique group and definitely recommended!

This week’s show also features improv powerhouse and PHIT house team Fletcher.  Best part of all: the show costs just $5!  Huge steal!  Vesuvio Bar is located at 8th and Fitzwater in Philadelphia, two blocks south of South Street.  This is a 21 and over show (sorry young people!), but once in there, take advantage of the extensive bar and menu during the show.  Also, make sure to check out Rosen & Milkshake at this year’s Duofest Sunday, October 3rd at 9:02pm!