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Halloween Costumes To Avoid In 2010


In 2009 there were definite recurring costume themes to be found throughout Halloween parties everywhere, like a broken record playing the Twilight soundtrack over and over again. It may be tempting to do a little costume recycling this year, which from a fiscal standpoint I respect, but for the love of fun-sized Snickers bars be original and avoid the following in 2010:

Barack Obama
Our first Halloween with our new president has come and gone. There were countless Obama masks in attendance and none of them were all that much fun in the first place. If you really must go political this year pick someone like Nancy Pelosi – way better one-liners and much scarier.

Harry Potter
It makes sense that one of the most successful book and movie franchises of our generation was and has been a popular costume pick. Though at this point dressing up as Harry Potter, or any other character from the movie, ranks on the originality scale right next to a ghost and… well, actually that’s the only thing less original than a Harry Potter costume.

Billy Mays
This should be a given, but for anyone who still thinks it’s going to be cool to dress up as the late, great Billy Mays, well, you’re just wrong. It wasn’t all that awesome the first time around and it’s not going to be any more awesome this year. Picking some long-past media figure is one thing, but this wound was a little too fresh, which I suppose was the tasteless purpose behind the idea. If you’re going to go infomercial, check out the ShamWow guy – there’s much more comedic potential there anyways.

Michael Jackson
While we’re on the topic of the recently deceased, here’s another pop culture icon that’s had his persona adopted and adapted for years prior to this, but no year more popular than the last. That is still no excuse to keep the abuse going. We get it, he’s dead, so it’s shocking, but we want to see something fresh. Please pack away the sequin glove, yellow contacts, stuffed chimp or waste-hugging child-sized doll and come up with something new.

Where to begin… Never before has Dracula been challenged for vampire costume supremacy until 2009 analysis had an Edward to Dracula ratio at an unprecedented 7:1. Consumer reports indicate that Twilight thoroughly saturated the Halloween marketplace as hair mousse and glitter profits skyrocketed by 730%. (Disclaimer: statistics are completely bogus, much like the plot of Twilight). It’s bad enough that we have Twilight propaganda thrust upon us for the 364 days leading up to All Hallow’s Eve to then have to contend with a sea of Edwards, Jacobs and what’s-her-names sparkling all over you.

Moral of the story, folks – Halloween is an opportunity to exhibit your creativity with a costume that is all your own. Laughs and screams are ripe for the taking if you just exercise a little originality. So don’t be lazy and please, please, please no more twinkling vampires.