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Top Ten Favorite Supernatural Moments (Part 2)


Friday! Friday!! FRIDAY!!! Supernatural Season Six (The Sera Gamble Chronicles) debuts this coming Friday, September 24th. New season, new air-date, new series lead (Sera Gamble takes over as show-runner for creator Eric Kripke, who remains on as Executive Producer). Last week, I covered my personal favorite moments in the series from #10 to #6 in seasons one through five. So, let’s quit stalling and hit the top five in five seasons (or as I shall still call it: THE ROAD SO FAR…)


Season Four hit the ground running by introducing us to a new character. And what a character it was!! Castiel, the bad-ass angel who reached into Hell to rip Dean to safety, was a scene-stealer in a much different way than Bobby or Dean. As played by Misha Collins, this angel in a human vessel commands the screen in every appearance. Collins does a superb job of playing off Jensen Ackles, and their arguments have led to some of the best quotes in the series. Misha Collins has been on television since 1998, and I remembered him from a guest spot on 24, but this is the role he was born to play. I can’t wait to see how his character continues to develop, with all of his powers returning in the upcoming season.


There are just too many great Ghostfacer moments in the three episodes which they have appeared (they were even given their own web series and comic books).  So, I shall just leave you with my two things that make the Ghostfacers such classic characters since their Season One debut:

A)The names of the leads are Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore, which leads any 80’s child to mark out for the GHOSTBUSTERS references.

B)It’s all in the song:

Ghost! Ghostfacers!

We face the ghosts when others will not, we’re-
Ghost! Ghostfacers!
Stay in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot!
Ghost! Ghostfacers!
We face the nightmare, we face the dread!
Ghost! Ghostfacers!
We face the faceless–WE FACE THE DEAD!

In the haunted night, looking for the fight of our life
with the after-life!
When you trip and fall, into the super-natur-all
We’re who you’re gonna call,
cause we face them all!


I grew up watching the classic monster movies of Universal Studios.  Since I wasn’t allowed to watch rated-R movies, I cheated and rented these.  There was no ratings system set up when they were made (I did the same thing with JAWS’ PG rating as well, though suffered for that one BIG TIME.  I still hate going into open waters).

I was very excited to see Season Four’s MONSTER MOVIE.  The style of the episode is set mostly in black-and-white, and it features appearances from THE WOLF-MAN, THE MUMMY, and DRACULA, as well as fabulous references to PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and FRANKENSTEIN.  Dracula even references KING KONG in a tremendous guest performance for Todd Stashwick.  His performance gives us a Dracula we’ve rarely seen before:  one for whom we feel empathy!  Bela Lugosi would be so proud.


This was a tough one, as this moment could easily have taken number one.  Season Two gave us the episode HEART.  In my most humble fat-guy opinion, this is where the series went from being good to great.  Already a strong season filled with moments that tug on the heart strings (I’m looking at you, John Winchester), HEART is a truly tragic tale.  The actors involved put on a clinic of emotions, ending the episode with some of the best acting you will ever see on television.  I always felt like this episode was robbed when it wasn’t nominated for any kind of Emmy or Golden Globes acting awards, as Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki proved here that they are stars with serious range in this episode.  A bravura performance comes from the gorgeous Emmanuelle Vaugier as well (yet another mystery to me!  Why is this wonderful actor not a major star in Hollywood???  She is just breath-taking!  Oh well…at least she works regularly, so I can continue to swoon).  A tour-de-force episode, directed by late, great Kim Manners (THE X-FILES), and I dare anyone to watch tear-free.  You will never again be able to hear Queensryche’s Silent Lucidity without a tear or two (or ten) streaming down your cheeks.


For Five Seasons, we have not only experienced a build-up to the End of Days, but we’ve had the pleasure of listening to some great classic rock along the way.  Eric Kripke was a genius for choosing to have Dean travel with a collection of cassettes filled with the best that classic rock has to offer (and I hope beyond hope they never lose the rights to any of the songs).  Season Five built up an excruciating amount of tension and suspense, with the Apocalypse always just around the corner.  All story-lines come together in the season finale SWAN SONG, and the suspense is almost unbearable.  By the time the climax arrives, all the good guys have given up, and the battle for control between Heaven and Hell is about to be waged, costing earth millions upon millions of human lives.

Things are not looking good, when all of a sudden, the familiar rumble of a Chevy Impala breaks up the tense build-up to the fight.  Dean shows up at the last minute, with a plan (hopefully).  Even if he has no clue how to save the world, he at least knows how to picks a good “final tune.”  This sequence still gives me goose-pimplies.  Really, I don’t think I’m doing justice to it, and I firmly believe that if you watch five seasons of SUPERNATURAL, you will have the same reaction.  It really is a great “stand-up-and-clap” moment.  Def Leppard’s ROCK OF AGES never sounded so sweet.

There you have it!  Just my personal ode to one of television’s most under-rated show.  Hopefully, Sera Gamble continues to raise the bar and make Emmy voters take notice.  SUPERNATURAL premieres on the CW network this Friday at 9pm.

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