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LA Art This Week: Mimi Lauter and Herakut

Crane's Hut by Mimi Lauter

Mimi Lauter at Marc Selwyn Fine Art – Walking into the gallery and seeing Lauter’s paintings is like walking into a Minoan cave (except for the fact that the gallery is bright white and lit). The works are painted, scratched into and drawn on. They are abstract but vaguely familiar, leading you to animals, flowers, landscapes, structures and the ruminations of civilizations. They wonderfully point you in a direction and then your imagination flies. Fantastic. Amazing to think that she is a recent grad of UC Irvine, these pieces are so mature and finished.  The show runs through October 23 at Marc Selwyn Fine Art.

Hopes Reply by Herakut

Herakut at LeBasse Projects – Sometimes bringing street artists’ wall paintings into a gallery doesn’t quite work.  Without the context of the city surrounding it, it can feel half finished.  These paintings created by the duo that is Herakut, work well in the gallery setting although it’s obvious the street is their original showcase.  The paintings are cramped, messy, and surreal with skinny dirty children that look orphaned, are usually nude and wearing doe eyed animal head masks.  They look forlorn or playful in contrast to slogans like “They hate us because we are golden” or “You Thought I Didn’t See You.”  They remind me  a bit of extremely well drawn Puppies with Big Eyes paintings, which makes them unsettling.  And which also made me pay extra attention.  The work feels young and vibrant with something to say about how young people are treated in our society today and I walked away knowing, these guys are something to watch.  The show runs through October 30 at LeBasse Projects.  You can read an interview with the artists on the HuffPo and you can see more images of their paintings on my blog.