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Supernatural Recap: Exile on Main Street, Season 6 Episode 1


We hit the ground running in the Supernatural premiere, one year after where season five ended. Terrific opening sequence shows us a before and after montage as Dean has traded in car, weapons, and hunter’s life for truck, tools, and step-fatherhood (sorta). He’s still getting women who toss their phone numbers at him (in this case, the bartender who served Dean and his neighbor Sid), but he just tears up the paper. Dean is tunnel-vision focused on Lisa and Ben, his new family. So focused, in fact, that he gets poisoned and doesn’t even know it. We also don’t know it, but after hallucinating a scream, blood, and a fight with good ole’ YELLOW-EYED DEMON AZAZEL, we do know family life for Dean is about to change as Sam shows up out of nowhere and stabs Dean with antidote.

You know what that means, Supernatural fans…BROTHERLY HUG TIME!!!

What about that cute dog? Was that the one chasing Dean from the YELLOW FEVER episode? Maybe a relative?

No time to worry about the dog’s relatives, because we have the debut of the Winchester Relatives (actually the Campbell relatives, since Mrs. Winchester was once Miss Campbell). Corin “PARKER EFFIN LEWIS” Nemec is one of the 3rd cousins. All you former “X-Philes” mark out as we get Mitch “Agent Skinner” Pileggi is alive and well as Grandpa Samuel. Samuel believes that whatever brought Sam back from the Hell cage brought him down from Heaven as well.

So some big plan is brewing, but we don’t know who’s plan yet. Is it Heaven? Hell? No one seems to be able to get a hold of Castiel, which is what Sam was trying to do while hunting for a year with the Campbells. Dean is feeling a little left out, since everyone knew Sam was back. He is especially angered when Bobby tells him he knew as well. Everyone just wanted Dean to remain happy, though Dean is not as convinced he was happy. Nightmares, constantly trying to search for a way to bring Sam back, and obsessive-compulsively checking all locks in his home made his home life a little strained. Lisa claims it was the best year of her life, and she was happy that Ben had a father-figure for a whole year.

Big plans and family issues will have to wait has Sam and Dean fight another family with issues: the Djinn.

After saving Dean’s neighbor from the Djinn, Sam goes to help Dean, while the Campbells kidnap the female Djinn, who I believe was the bartender earlier in the episode) and leave without telling the Winchesters what they have done.

Sam and Dean finish off the episode with a heart-to-heart, Dean explains he can’t leave Ben and Lisa, because he brought danger to their doorstep, and wishes Sam good luck. He even offers him keys to the Impala, but Sam enjoys his own ride lately.

SOOOOOOO…What’s next:

Well, it looks like we already have the beginning of family issues between Sam, Dean, and the Campbells, with Grandpa Sam acting a little too secretive, and possible alpha-male tension seems to exist between Dean and the male cousins as well. The start of the season sets things in motion for Dean as more of a protector than a hunter, and Sam will have to talk about his time spent in Hell’s cage at some point.

It looks like we may also explore Dean’s relationship with Ben and Lisa a little more, as they have had a roller coaster ride during the last year, while Dean recovered from nightmares, the hunting life, and seeing Sam gone.

Bobby seems to be doing well, despite having his neck twisted 180 degrees at the end of last season (still has those famous Bobby quotes going (“TV’s broken, but there’s plenty of Reader’s Digest”…tremendous).

Where’s Castiel? Was Dean really hallucinating, or will we see the return of Azazel? If Sam is out of the cage, where are Adam/Michael and Lucifer?  Not all questions have to be answered at once.  We’ve got 21 more episodes.  Let’s see where the road takes us.  See you next week, as it looks like the Brothers Winchester will be dealing with ROSEMARY’S BABY!

Supernatural: Exile On Main Street
Episode writer: Sera Gamble
Episode Director: Phillip Sgriccia