That’s the news. But the best part about this story is where the news originated from: A radio station who doesn’t know how to spell David Draiman’s last name. Scott Less from 101.7 The Fox spoke with Draiman and there’s a YouTube clip of the chat.

They spell Dave’s name Draimen. Idiots. Anyways, Draiman discusses the Uproar Tour, what the band will be doing next, and a whole bunch of other shit. David says that he’s amped about the latest signing to his Intoxication imprint, Art of Dying, who he likened to a “fusion of Alice In Chains and The Eagles.”

David also says that after Uproar, the band will do a two-week theater run followed by Europe’s Taste of Chaos run. Then…

“We’ll be doing two legs of Music As A Weapon in the new year,” Draiman says, adding that the “co-headliner is massive. It’s a pairing and a union that hard rock and heavy metal fans have been wanting to happen for a while. It has happened before in brief stints…we’re joining forces with a leviathan.”

According to rumors, the tour should feature Rammstein and — surprise, surprise — Art of the Dying.

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