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Band I Don’t Care About Has Fight, Leaves Tour


You mean those two dudes didn't throw down?
After The Burial — a band I personally don’t give a flaming bag of dog shit about — have dropped off of their tour with Bleeding Through because they probably had a fist fight. That was the anonymous tip Lambgoat ran with this afternoon — that the band had it out after a show in Buffalo last week, and that they were done for good.

I bet you the fistfight story is true, because now, the band have issued a statement saying shit never came to blows. Come on! You expect me to believe they just yelled at each other. One dude — at some point — must’ve called another dude “Bitch” or something, and it was on. Of course, After The Burial claim it’s all good.

“Following our show in Buffalo on September 22, there was an argument that took place that deeply affected members in the band. The argument was 100 percent verbal; no physical violence took place. We decided at that time it would be the best decision to leave the tour and be at home in order to regain our composure and prepare for our end of the year plans.”

Dude, you know they fucking beat the shit outta each other. I’m calling bullshit. That’s why it took over a week for you guys to break your silence about it…because you just yelled and screamed at each other. Well, whatever. We will never know the truth truth. The statement continues.

“We’ve never dropped off a tour before EVER. With that being said, we hope that all of our fans can understand that this decision was made with the long-term in mind, and that we are genuinely sorry we had to miss the shows in their cities. We’ll be back around very soon.”

Don’t worry. Somehow, we’ll all get on with our lives ATB.