On the Left:

The most important part of our jobs as United States Senators is to create jobs in our states. That is especially true in times like these, when so many are reeling from so much economic pain – Harry Reid

and on the Right:

in my view it’s an insult to the millions of Americans who want us to focus on jobs – Mitch McConnell

They’re having a big ol’ soundbite fight!

They’ve chosen their words carefully and positioned themselves firmly on the correct side of the aisle. Now they can skip off with their corporate campaign finances and continue the show.

A responsible legislature would let this bill come up and have the JOBS discussion over a potential piece of legislation. A functional media would report without bias upon the proceedings and possible effects of the legislation. A thoughtful, engaged populace would pay attention and decide for whom to vote.

Instead, Republicans and Democrats feint toward legislating with bipartisan political burlesque (now playing in “We the People’s Theater”); the media fans the partisan flames and drools psychotically over the polls; and a distracted populace remains ignorant and fiercely protective of their partisan views.

It’s easier for our elected officials to smack-talk in the substance-free campaign world than it is to govern responsibly. It pays better too.

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