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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Glee Club


At what point in the Glee phenomenon did it become weird to see the word glee associated with any other TV show?  I saw the title of the episode and Journey’s “Dont’ Stop Believing” started blaring in my head immediately.

Seth, as it turns out, feels alienated from the people around him because of the “stew room blow-up.”  He’s also confident that if he cooks his best dish every day, he’ll win the competition; I think it’s safe to say that any of these chefs who cook their best dish every day will win the competition.  It’s the people who screw up who go home, not the people at the top of their game.  We also find out that Yigit has abs that no one who regularly works with butter and sugar has any business possessing.

Quickfire time, with Sylvia Weinstock, who is apparently a genius with wedding cakes.  Someone needs to be, cause 9 out of every 10 wedding cakes I taste are deeply sub-par.  Sylvia looks like someone’s amazing, crazy great-aunt…the one who makes you cake and then takes you out to the local bar and shows you how to drink martinis.  The quickfire challenge: create a wedding cake in an hour and a half.  The chefs don’t have to make the actual cake, but they need to infuse it with fillings and flavors as well as decorate it.  Zac wonders if Gail’s been snorting butter-cream; Zac, please do not address Gail in that manner.

Seth decides that he’s not going make a wedding cake but instead an engagement cake because he believes cooking his way will carry him through.  I’d hate on that a little bit, but Erika starts talking about chocolate, mocha and kahlua and I get distracted.  Then Gail strides through the kitchen and announces five minutes left, which make nine adults and Seth all wet their pants a little bit.

Heather H testifies that there are some butt-ugly cakes in the kitchen, and as usual, she’s totally right.  I’m also starting to wonder what happens with all the extra cake and desserts that the judges don’t eat; I’m guessing TC:JD has a pretty happy crew.  Seth, Malika and Eric wind up in the bottom three and they all appear to have earned their place.  Erika, Morgan and Heather H wind up in the top and Erika wins the immunity for this challenge.

Team Challenge!  As if the show didn’t have enough drama already.  The chefs choose cookies with their teams names, Team Glee is comprised of Heather C, Yigit, Zac, Danielle and Seth while Team Pep is Heather H, Erika, Eric, Morgan and Malika.  It turns out that the chefs are throwing competing bake sales to make money for either a glee club or a pep squad.  Both teams focus on keeping their menus kid-friendly, except of course Seth who wants to make some cake that’s made for French financiers.  The entire moment is so ridiculous I actually think he’s joking until I remember that he doesn’t appear to possess a sense of humor, and resign myself to the fact that he’s just that bizarre.

There’s some drama between Heather C and Eric which involves Heather taking all the peanut butter and leaving none for Eric, which causes Morgan to decide to steal all the butter and leave none for the opposing team.  It’s mildly entertaining, but feels very JV squad after last week’s “The red hots are for my mommy!” epic fiasco.  Maybe if Morgan took the butter and spread it all over the floor under the other team’s feet causing a mild concussion in a contestant, we could start to approach that bar.

Team Pep heads to judge’s table to receive their accolades while Team Glee twiddles their thumbs in the stew room.  Seth hates the stew room.  Don’t worry, Seth, if it’s anything like the other contestants, the judges or America at large, it hates you too.  Eric wins the challenge, hopefully adding to his confidence a little bit.  I like Eric, but he really needs to stop using “baker” as a pejorative term.

Team Glee heads in to take their lumps and I’m really not sure where this is going to go, as the judges appeared to strongly dislike all of their dishes during judging.  Danielle promptly tosses Seth to the wolves saying that he didn’t help others or interact with the kids; this surprisingly backfires when Zac defends him and says he helped everyone prep.  I’m just still confused as to why no one is pointing out that he MADE A CAKE FOR FRENCH FINANCIERS.  For a BAKE SALE.  Then Yigit states they were disorganized, Heather C whines that she didn’t want to make a cookie, Zac and Yigit both tell her to nut up and Seth cries that no one is being honorable.  It’s quite fun.

Seth’s mocha financier cake is finally brought up, but he gets a pass because it tasted good.  Still reeling over this one.  Heather’s peanut butter cookie is deemed ordinary, while Danielle’s coconut cupcake is called out for being dry.  Seth’s strawberry shortcake was too difficult to eat, while Yigit’s chocolate ginger pudding was too gingery, and was the lowest seller on his team.

When they’re called back in, I’m fairly sure Danielle’s getting the axe.  And for the third week in a row, I’m completely wrong, because Heather C goes home.  I’m sad that I won’t ever find out what that bandage on her head was, but I’m happy I will no longer have to distinguish Heather C and Heather H in these recaps.

Some bullet points:

-Johnny Iuzzini is growing on me.  His hair, however, is not.

-Since we were told that there would only be $490 to be spent at the bake sale, the attempt at building suspense as to who won was pretty much pointless once we knew Team Glee had made $240.  I’m not even good at math and I can figure that out.

-Morgan can do a split.  It’s disconcerting.

-How long can the producers justify keeping Seth on if he flatly refuses to participate in any of the challenges?

-Gail does not allow her children messy food in the car.  Sing it, sister.