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New Manager for THE OFFICE: My Picks (Part 1)


With Steve Carell leaving at the end of the season, big buzz has been swirling over at THE OFFICE.  Who should replace him? Will it be an outsider?  Will someone get promoted from inside the company?  Should the series go on without him?  I firmly believe the series should end with Carell’s departure; however, it appears it will go on (and on and on).  I would like to list my own personal recommendations for five current Dunder-Mifflin employees who should be promoted.  I will also show approval of five outsiders that I would love to see come in and change the dynamic of the show.

Part 1 of my list will be dedicated to the outsiders (not in order of preference):

1) Steve Austin
Austin may be known for his tough guy persona in action movies, but those of us who watched his WWE/WCW/ECW days know that he has a gift for great comedy.  Plus, he’s already a part of the NBC family as a recurring guest star on NBC’s CHUCK.

2) Dwayne Johnson
Yes, I know, another former wrestler-turned-actor, but Johnson is a proven star in Hollywood right now.  He always has a project or two (or ten) going on, because people want to see what he’ll do next.  Why?  He has the gift of gab, he is wonderful in his comedic roles THE OTHER GUYS and BE COOL, and would be a perfect fit for the The Office (especially if they allow him to play up his self-absorbed persona that he does so well).

3) James Marsters
That’s right…SPIKE!  Bring in the scene-stealer from BUFFY and ANGEL, and let him go to work chewing up scenery (no pun intended).  The man has range and could offer quite an injection of energy to a show that people have referred to as stale.

4) Kevin James
Aside from being one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen live, James is a proven film and television draw.  Let’s bring him back to television to reboot him so that we never have to see him try to do I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY 2.

5) Jim Norton
The OTHER funniest comedian I have ever seen live, Norton would be a welcome sight at Dunder-Mifflin. Between his self-deprecating humor and his raunchy humor (the raunchiest humor I have ever heard), I think this could be his breakthrough performance.

Stay tuned…Part 2 will feature my list for current Dunder-Mifflin employees who deserve a promotion.