The Wylde one
After undergoing treatment at a Nebraska hospital for blood-clotting in his leg, Black Label Society founder and leader Zakk Wylde has been released back into the wild and is expected to rock the stage tonight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Zakk had to pulled out of two days of the “Black Label Berzerkus” tour after being rushed to the hospital with clots. Thursday’s gig in Omaha, Nebraska, and Friday’s show in Clive, Iowa, were both cancelled.

Wylde went a little berzerkus himself on Twitter, waxing moronic about his recent stint in the hospital. He explains that he felt pain in his left thigh during a meet-and-greet and went to the ER. “I had a 12-inch clot from my calf to thigh,” he writes. Doctors advise him to cancel the gigs as the clot could move on to major organs, even his brain and heart.

He had “to stay overnight and jack me up with blood thinners and get my blood” back to a range where they could administer therapy. He has shots to give himself, and has medications to take. “No big deal — just something else to take along with the crack cocaine lite, meth, Viagra, Cialis, steroids, growth hormone, MET-RX, morning-after pill, hair and nail, Joint Fuel, Flintstones chewables [and] Paxil.”

That is quite the admission Zakk. Crack? Meth? VIAGRA? And you’re supposed to be a role model to young ignorant meatheads.

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