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Supernatural Recap: Two And A Half Men, Season 6 Episode 2





We’re off and running after a quick THEN and NOW opening, which brings up shape shifters, so I was wrong about this week being about an evil baby.

Apparently there are some couples being killed around town, and Sam and the Campbells are trying to figure out how to stop it.  They all had babies, who are missing from the scene of the crime.

Dean has moved Lisa and Ben into a new home, and is very on-edge about anyone leaving the house. Sam requests Dean’s help on the missing baby case, which Dean is reluctant to accept. We get a nice moment between Dean and Lisa discussing why Dean should go. Lisa even jokingly tells Dean she’ll shoot him if he doesn’t join his brother, and Dean jokes about whether or not she misses her ex. I hope the series keeps their dynamic like this, if they keep Dean with Lisa and Ben.  It shows good chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Cindy Sampson.

There is a fantastic sequence where Sam and Dean are in the supermarket, trying to shop for one of the missing babies found by Sam. There is some very funny banter between the brothers, which should enhance the calm of those of you who were worried about the series messing up the brotherly relationship. The supermarket also gives us a great action sequence with the shape shifter stealing the baby while disguised as a nice, soothing grandma, causing people in the market to fight with Dean.

We’re given another good brotherly moment, where Sam compares Dean to their father, based on how militant Dean has been with Lisa and Ben. Dean is very torn between figuring out how to protect them without treating them the way John Winchester treated Sam and Dean.

Sam figures out that a shape shifter is the father of the baby, but not before Dean gets shocked by seeing SHAPE SHIFTER BABY! Good surprise moment in the episode, as we see the baby shed skin, and Dean has to defend it from the recently-changed police officer shape shifter. Before being killed by Sam, the shape shifter states, “He should be with OUR father.” Interesting.

Sam decides it best to take the baby to Grandpa Samuel, but Dean doesn’t trust the Campbells at all. We get some serious tension between Dean and the Campbells, but Samuel says the best thing to do is raise the baby. He gives the baby to Christian, who is being especially creepy tonight in his enthusiasm for the child.  They think he’ll make a good hunter one day.

Before Dean can flip out on this idea, shape shifter invades the hideout and KILLS MARK CAMPBELL! Wow, didn’t see that coming. They were just starting to develop the one-syllable Campbell, too! The other Campbells can’t seem to bring the shifter down (they are trying to capture it like the Djinn last week). Shifter finds Sam and Dean with the baby, knocks Sam out, and almost kills Dean. He decides NOT to snap Dean’s neck and takes the baby.

Samuel thinks this is the ALPHA SHAPE SHIFTER (the first one ever), which makes it especially strong and hard to kill. It might not even have a way of killing it. As we see Dean and Sam arguing over whether or not Sam and the Campbells were using the baby as bait for the Alpha, we see Samuel on the phone with “someone” arguing about why they couldn’t catch the Alpha. Uh-oh…conspiracy! He tells whoever is on the other line to “get frapped” (did I hear that correctly? Let me know, readers).

Dean and Lisa talking about how to live their lives without being prisoners in their home. Lisa tells Dean that he is a hunter, and should live that life. She tells him to get out, but come around when he can. Dean likes this idea. OH YEAH! IMPALA REVVING UP! SMOKE ON THE WATER! HUNTER DEAN IS BACK! Fantastic end!

Final thoughts: This was a good episode tonight. We are seeing hints of where the different storylines are going, which should allow the viewers who were mad at the first episode to breathe a sigh of relief. Why are the Campbells kidnapping all the evil monsters? I really like the tension building between Dean and the Campbell family, especially due to Mitch Pileggi and Corin Nemec being so creepy tonight. We saw that Sam and Dean can get along, but still have some unresolved issues. Dean and Lisa have a good thing going, but how long will that last? All I know is this: next week, THE RETURN OF CASTIEL!

Quote of the Night: (tie)

“Welcome to the party, Guttenberg.” (Sam, after showing Dean the baby, comparing their adventure to THREE MEN AND A BABY)

“It’s like diffusing and I.E.D with poop.” (Dean, doing another diaper change)

Gore of the Night: Baby shape shifter changes and splatters skin all over the wall.

Moment of the Night: Dean “suits up” to Deep Purple.