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Race to 'Secretariat' this Friday October 8

Secretariat Movie Poster

In 1973 Penny Chenery’s horse, Secretariat, became Horse of the Year and the first to win the US Triple Crown in 25 years.  He was fast, beautiful, and had the admiration of the entire horse racing community.

This Friday, October 8, Disney is releasing Secretariat, a film directed by Randall Wallace and produced by Mike Ciardi, in which Penny Chenery herself participates, both with a cameo from the stands and as a consultant.  

It took four horses and a colt to create a “double” for the real Secretariat, and the result is gorgeous.  Secretariat allows the audience to do more than simply see a horse run.  By placing cameras amongst the horses – at eye and leg views – the viewer feels part of the races.  

Real Kentuckians, horse race lovers, filled the stands as needed during the shooting of the film, giving Secretariat a vibe of authenticity.  It is a movie, not a documentary, but one that has portrayed a “revised version of my life,” says Ms. Chenery, “with a younger and prettier me,” that she approves.  Actress Diane Lane portrays Ms. Chenery.

Secretariat tells of the special connection between a gifted horse and the humans that surrounded it, and the tenacity, sacrifice, and belief in one-self expressed by them all.

From the film’s opening words, taken from the Bible’s book of Job, to the gospel music that comes in and out of the story, Secretariat is meant to inspire you, up-build you, and provide your family with an example of what hard work mixed with real passion can accomplish.  This is a film that will not disappoint. 

Do you give a horse his strength or clothe his neck with a flowing mane? – Job 39.19