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The Complete Philly Improv Theater Schedule for October

Philly Improv Theater

The Philly Improv Theater is jam packed for the month of October!  They are counteracting all the scares and haunts of the Halloween season with jokes and laughter!  PHIT just finished up the wildly successful Duofest, a festival that brought in two person improv groups from around the country.  You’d think that after such a great event, PHIT would be content to take a break for a bit.  WRONG!  They actually did they opposite, jamming so much into the month of October that you may die of laughter.  So bust out your calendars and mark them up.  Here’s the complete schedule of PHIT shows for this month.

Thursday, October 7th

8pm – Hey Everybody! hosted by Aaron Hertzog – $10

Some of the city’s top comedians join Hertzog on stage for a fun evening of stand-up.

9:30pm – IMPROV CAGEMATCH – $10

Two improv teams face off against each other and the audience decides who is best.  This show features returning champs The Ones Your Moms Warned You About (Brandon Libby, Dan Rich, and Jason Stockdale) versus the challengers Jessica Tandy (Jess Ross and Andy Moskowitz).

Friday, October 8th

8pm – Improv Comedy: House Team Premieres – $10

Very exciting!  This show features the premier of PHIT’s newest house teams – Codename: Phoenix (directed by Nathan Edmondson) and Codename: Stormcrow (directed by Mike Marbach).  Come see the new editions to the PHIT family!

9:30 – Improv Comedy: Fletcher + King Friday + Sandino – $10

Also very exciting!  Not only do you get to see two of PHIT’s great house teams, you also get to see the great harold team from the Upright Citizens Brigade, Sandino!  Three groups in one show!

11pm – Sketch Up or Shut Up – Free!

This is an open-mic sketch show!  Bring your sketch of a length of 5 minutes or less and you might get a chance to perform it on stage!

Saturday, October 9th

8pm – Improv Comedy: Codename: Phoenix and Sandino – $10

Again, we get another look at the new house team Phoenix and another great show from UCB house team Sandino!

9:30pm – Improv Comedy: Codename: Stormcrow and Activity Book – $10

Again, we get another look at the new house team Stormcrow, this time with PHIT house team vets Activity Book!

Sunday, October 10th

8pm – Requiem for Improv with INDUSTRIAL and The N Crowd – Pay What You Can

This is a throwback to the earlier days of improv in Philadelphia with the reuniting of the long-form group INDUSTRIAL.  They will be playing with the short-form team The N Crowd, now a Philadelphia comedy staple!

Wednesday, October 13th

8pm – TV Party! with Rob Baniewicz and Paul Triggiani – $10

Rob, Paul, and special guests take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of their favorite TV classics.  Free beer for all! (while supplies last)

Thursday, October 14th

8pm – Hey Everybody! hosted by Aaron Hertzog – $10

Another installment of stand-up comedy from some of the best comedians in the city.

9:30pm – IMPROV CAGEMATCH – $10

The winner of the previous week’s contest will face off against a team called Rintersplint (featuring Mark Reber, Joe Gates, and others).

Friday, October 15th

9:30pm – The Amie & Kristen Show with Special Guests – $10

The Amie & Kristen Show is a fantastic duo that has played all over the place, most recently in Toronto and Philly’s own Duofest.  They will be performing with another undisclosed group (secrets!).

11pm – The Hopper Brothers’ Happy Magic Fun Show – $10

This is a variety comedy show that will most certainly feature magic, happiness, and fun!

Saturday, October 16th

6pm – Kristen Schier’s Level 1 Graduation Show – FREE

Check out this free show of students that have just finished level 1 of PHIT’s improv training program.

8pm – The Amie & Kristen Show with Special Guests – $10

This is a reprise of the show from Friday with a different undislosed guest (secrets!).

Thursday, October 21st

8pm – Hey Everybody! hosted by Aaron Hertzog – $10

Another episode of stand-up comedy from some of the best comedians in the city.

9:30pm – IMPROV CAGEMATCH – $10

Two teams enter, one team leaves!  This week features the winners from the previous week against the challengers, Pro B.

Friday, October 22nd

8pm – Camp Woods and Bear Hug – $10

Two sketch comedy groups perform in this slot to provide some of the funniest sketch work in the city.

9:30pm – Fletcher and Punchline! – $10

The great PHIT house team Fletcher performs alongside the hit show from this year’s Fringe Festival, Punchline! (directed by Mike Marbach).

Saturday, October 23rd

8pm – Camp Woods and Bear Hug – $10

Another performance by two of the city’s finest sketch comedy groups.

9:30pm – Road Hard and Put Away Cheesesteaks & Punchline! – $10

Road Hard and Put Away Cheesesteaks is a collection of instructors from the People’s Improv Theater in New York City.  They are performing with the hit Fringe show Punchline!

Sunday, October 24th

8pm – Drexel University Football Team and Tongue & Groove – $10

This comedy showcase features Drexel University Football Team, Drexel’s longform improv team, and Tongue & Groove, a serio-comic troupe that uses the audience’s experiences to create truthful comedy.

Wednesday, October 27th

8pm – The Bully Pulpit hosted by Luke Giordano – $10

A panel style comedy show that features some of the best stand-up, sketch, and improv comedians in the city.

9:30pm – The Rant-o-Wheel hosted by Jamie Prefontaine – $10

I honestly have no idea what this is, but I am imagining a large wooden wheel that has various things on it about which comedians must rant.

Thursday, October 28th

8pm – Hey Everybody! hosted by Aaron Hertzog – $10

Another sampling of some of the finest stand-up comedians in the city.

9:30pm – IMPROV CAGEMATCH – $10

This is a special Halloween edition of cagematch, pitting the living dead Vampires against the mythically cursed Werewolves!  Who will win?  You decide!

Friday, October 29th

8pm – Improv Comedy: Leo Callahan and CUBED – $10

After a short absence, indie powerhouse Leo Callahan makes a triumphant return to the stage.  They are joined by popular duo CUBED, two men performing improv in the confines of the office.

9:30pm – King Friday: Three Mad Rituals – $10

PHIT house team King Friday performs the legendary show developed by improv wizard Del Close.  This is a great show, don’t miss it!

Saturday, October 30th

8pm – Leo Callahan and Special Guests – $10

Leo Callahan hits the stage again, this time with some special guests (secrets!).

9:30pm – King Friday: Three Mad Rituals – $10

Another performance by King Friday of the legendary show Three Mad Rituals.

By my count, that is 30 comedy shows spread out over 16 days!  Craziness!  All the shows take place at The Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.  Check out PHIT’s website for ticket information.  Get out there and see some comedy!