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New Manager for THE OFFICE: My Picks (Part 2)


In case you missed part 1, go here: New Manager for THE OFFICE: My Picks (Part 1)

With Steve Carrell leaving at the end of the season, big buzz has been swirling over at THE OFFICE. Who should replace him? Will it be an outsider? Will someone get promoted from inside the company? Should the series go on without him? I firmly believe the series should end with Carrell’s departure; however, since it appears it will go on (and on and on), I would like to list my own personal recommendations for five current Dunder-Miflin employees who should be promoted. In Part 1 I showed approval of five outsiders that I would love to see come in and change the dynamic of the show.

Part 2 of my list will be dedicated to the current employees. This show has built up a lot of good supporting characters. I think these five are ready for the big time (not in order of preference):

1) Ed Helms
After a tour-de-force in THE HANGOVER and being consistently the most funny character on THE OFFICE for the past few years, Helms is more than ready to become “The Big Tuna.”

2) Craig Robinson
You don’t believe he can carry a show? Watch HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, and watch him steal the movie. Still don’t believe me? Go watch his incredibly funny performance in MISS MARCH, where his performance is the ONLY part of the movie that critics raved about (boy, did they hate this movie). Good or bad movies, Robinson always brings his A-game, and it is his time to shine as Dunder-Miflin’s top dog.

3) Leslie David Baker
Ah Stanley! The hardest working man in Dunder-Miflin. After years of putting up with the antics of his co-workers, hiding in the background, and deserving a reward for holding back from killing Michael, Stanley has EARNED his chance to take the spotlight (this would be MY personal pick if I had it my way).

4) Ellie Kemper
If anyone can bring the stupid like Michael, it is receptionist Erin. I can see so many possibilities with her in charge. From the hate she would receive from Pam for getting the job, to the possible office romances she could have, there are too many great story ideas not to consider her for the position. Plus, if she ever has to “get mean”, that could become a classic moment by itself.

5) Creed Bratton
Creed as Creed…this would be fun. A lot of people talked about having a spin-off of THE OFFICE featuring Creed in the lead. This would be a great chance for the writers to beef up the role, and give the audience exactly what they want: MORE CREED!