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NBA Preview Part II – 10 Reasons to Watch the Sixers


10, 9, 8 — those 76ers. For those of you that have missed decent basketball in Philadelphia, I present 10 reasons to watch the Sixers this year:

10. Samuel Dalembert is not here:  Samuel was a great humanitarian and did some great things for his native Haiti.  That being said, he was easily one of the most frustrating basketball players I’ve ever seen.  As I heard a caller on WIP once say, when Dwight Howard elbowed Dalembert in the head in a playoff game a couple of years ago, “It probably sounded like to coconuts banging together.”

9.  Doug Collins is now the coach:  Our new head coach, Doug Collins, is a solid, defensive minded coach, who always gets a nice solid improvement out of his teams the year he comes on.  For this young team that needs some discipline, I think he is a perfect fit.

Andre Iguodala

8.  Eddie Jordan is not:  What can I say here?  The vaunted Princeton offense definitely smelled like it came out of New Jersey.

7.  Evan Turner:  This #2 pick of the NBA draft should be able to step right in and make a serious impact on the team.  He’s got a great  all-around game and should fit right in with this team who needed a true shooting guard.

6.  The other A.I.:  Hopefully with his experience on the USA Basketball Team at the World Basketball Classic, Andre Iguoldala will be motivated to take his game to the next level.  He needs to learn to stay within himself and not try to do more than he is capable of doing.

5.  Sixers Cheerleaders:  Nothing really to say here.

4.  It’s Winter:  After November on a day other than Sunday, what else are you going to do?

3.  Jrue Holliday:  He really looks like he could join the crop of young point guards that are changing the NBA.  With Turner, Holliday, and Thaddeus Young, you have 3 young guys on the court with some real basketball IQ. 

2.  EDDIE JORDAN IS NOT THE COACH:  It bears repeating.

1.  They could really make the playoffs:  Boston is getting old; Jersey and the Knicks are better, but they are still the Nets and the Knicks; Toronto is still solid.  Overall, aside from that one team in South Beach, the East is pretty open and the Sixers could very well sneak in there.  Then, we would probably get our doors blown off by the Heat, but hey it’s better than last year.

Go and buy some tickets and support this young team right here.