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Rosen & Milkshake at Vesuvio Bar October 23rd

Rosen & Milkshake

Prepare yourselves for another Rosen & Milkshake appearance on Saturday, October 23rd at 8pm!  Local comedians Charles Rosen and Apple Milkshake bring their playful brand of improv comedy back to the Vesuvio Bar as part of their recurring, monthly show.  Allow me to take a moment to describe the power and glory that is R&M.  A few weeks ago, Rosen & Milkshake performed in the final slot of the national comedy festival Duofest hosted by The Philly Improv Theater.  A local group, performing in front of a packed house, wrapping up a hugely successful festival that featured two-person acts from around the country, this duo was under some pretty big pressure to perform.  Well, if they felt nervous, they certainly didn’t show it.  They proceeded to put on one of the best performances that I saw during the entire festival and definitely the best performance that I’ve ever seen from them.  Rosen & Milkshake have been riding high ever since and look to bring that same energy and enthusiasm with them to their October 23rd performance.

Rosen & Milkshake exemplify some of the coolest stuff that duo improv has to offer while still putting their interesting stamp on each performance.  They are two performers sharing the same brain, always on the same page.  They open with two characters and at any moment could launch into a completely different world, full of crazies and nutjobs, then wind up right back where they started.  Both performers truly are having a great time on stage and that makes for a fun experience for their audience.  This month’s show will also feature PHIT’s new house team Mayor Karen.  If you have not seen them yet, you simply must.  Mayor Karen made their PHIT debut this past weekend with shows on Friday and Saturday and totally rocked the house.  They even opened up for UCB Harold team Sandino who came down as guest performers.  Quite a tall order for such a new team and the performed magnificently.  These two groups together are a show not to be missed!

Vesuvio Bar is located at 8th and Fitzwater in Philadelphia, just two blocks south of South Street.  Admission to this show is just $5 and you must be 21 to get in (this is a bar after all).  Here’s a fun contest:  the group with the most tickets bought (minimum 5) by 7:50pm will receive a free large specialty pizza!  That’s free food for all you street urchins out there!  So get out there and enjoy yourselves!