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Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap-Edible Fashion


And so we return to the normal one-hour format for TC: JD. I must say that at first I thought the extra fifteen minutes were gratuitous, but man they packed them chock-full of drama, didn’t they?  Anyway, bye-bye Seth, bye-bye super-sized episodes.  Unless, of course, another contestant can manage to have “what they call an anxiety attack.”  I think Heather C’s teetering on the brink.  Also, “Edible Fashion,” Bravo?  Really?  You lost Project Runway, let it go.  Stop trying to make “fetch” happen, Gretchen!  Anyone catch that reference?

Moving on, we find out that Yigit, Zac and Heather H are Team Go-Diva, and Yigit claims the other chefs are threatened by them. Based on the looks I’m seeing from Morgan and Danielle, I would say more annoyed, but I love Yigit so I’ll let it go.  And now that he’s proclaimed that people are intimidated, the Law of Reality Television states that one of them must go home this episode.

Quickfire time!  It’s a souffle challenge; I’ve never made or eaten one but I know that my sister had to wait such a long time during a bridal shower once that she’s sworn off of them for life.  Morgan tells us that souffle means “to blow;” I’m rather surprised the heterosexual male is the one that shared that little tidbit with us.  Perhaps Zac is too busy yelling “Go Diva!” which is starting to annoy me as well.  Zac, don’t make me agree with Morgan.  Gail proceeds to flirt with Yigit, and I’m okay with that because Gail and I are best friends (in my head).  Yigit wins the quickfire, but no immunity is mentioned.

Elimination time!  The chefs will be creating edible fashion for LA Fashion Week inspired by shoes.  I kind of wish this was a Project Runway/Top Chef crossover, cause putting those kinds of egos together would be a lot of fun.  The chefs find out from Gail that they not only have to design and eligible outfit, but also two couture petit fours to be sampled by LA’s fashionistas.  I was under this impression that regular people in LA didn’t eat, let alone those in fashion.

Zac is extremely confident, while Eric is extremely lost.  The chefs are just getting geared up with concepts like “burlesque-showgirl-warrior,” when Elvis walks in!  He’s alive!  Oh, wait, never mind it’s just Johnny Iuzzini to tell the chefs that the winner will receive $20,000.  Yigit then comments that he just creamed his pants and he needs to take the challenge and pump it out, and I black out for a few moments.

Heather H continues to hate on Morgan, calling his dress simplistic and his personality misogynistic.  She’s laying it on a little thick and is not coming off well.  Then Morgan keeps talking and I wish that she could say he’s douche-y without sounding so sour on life because I kind of agree with her.  Erika!  Where has she been the last few episodes?  She must have been lost in the shuffle, what with not being a drama queen or a trash-talker.  She says that her shoes would be worn with someone with “a little vixen” in her.  I think I might be switching allegiance fully to Erika.  Heather C, meanwhile, makes a dress with radishes and hopes it doesn’t wilt overnight, which means it will (and it does).

It’s the day of the show, y’all (how about anyone getting that reference if no one got the one above?)!  The chefs load their dresses into the show room, and it’s really not looking good for Eric,  Heather C or Danielle.  I feel like this fashion based challenge would be a perfect opportunity for Heather C to address the whole mystery-bandage thing, but alas she says nothing, perhaps because I’m fairly certain she hasn’t worn it in a few shows.  I’ve become so invested in this bandage at this point that I’m going to be crushed during the reunion when she says “…I had a cut on my forehead.”  At this point, I’m thinking it’s covering up a scar from where her unicorn horn was removed.  Anyway, the ladies didn’t make a dress with desserts but instead used vegetables which seems like a fairly silly mistake to make given the name of the competition, and poor Eric was just completely out of his element.  All the other dresses get good-to-excellent reviews so the bottom three are fairly apparent.

Judge’s table!  The top three are Yigit, Zac and Morgan which seemed more than deserved given the dresses those three served up.  Morgan wins the challenge, and I’m not so sure about that one.  I would have placed him third of those entries, given that the other two simply had much more of a concept to their dresses.  If I was, of I don’t know, Nina Garcia, I might comment that Zac and Yigit’s looked like “fashion” while Morgan’s looked like “clothes.”  But on we go!  Sure enough, Heather C, Eric and Danielle make up the bottom of the competition.  Eric freely admits that he panicked and sabotaged himself, while Heather C claims that she wanted to do something different since all of her competitors were using chocolate.  How she got from chocolate to radishes I’m not sure.  Danielle gets slammed for having a dress that was made out of mostly inedible material, and since Gail claims that her dress looked like it  took 15 minutes to make I’m saying Danielle has frosted her last cake.

Ultimately, I am wrong AGAIN and Heather C gets the boot for the second time.  And since I predicted that one of Team Go Diva would be going home at the beginning of this recap, it’s like I”m wrong 4 times in one episode.  That is not a good batting average.

And a few bite-size bullet points:

-“Zac, you’re a silly little bastard.”  Was that Elvis showing some personality?

– Zac saying that the challenge was “bananas,” then the camera swooping in on a bunch of bananas was fun.  Good job, editors.

– At some point they must have announced that the petit fours were supposed to be accessories for the dress.  I totally missed it.

-I know Eric’s food isn’t the fanciest, but I want to try his the most.

– “Can you imagine anyone wearing that?”  “Perhaps a cave-woman.  After the hunt.”  Heh.  Gail has been forced to read a lot of cue cards in this show which stifles some of her wit.  I like it when she still has a chance to zing one out.