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6 Chain Restaurants Go Pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the time many businesses, people and even websites and newspapers will help raise awareness and money in order to save lives.

How Many People Have Breast Cancer?

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness MonthAccording to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, one of the largest breast cancer charities in the United States, more than 200,000 people will be stricken with the disease in 2010. Also, 39,840 women are expected to die from the disease, in this country, according to

What some people may not know is that men can get breast cancer too. This disease is one that starts in breast tissue, which women as well as men have. It is rare for a man to get breast cancer. In fact, only one percent of people with breast cancer are men.

How You Can Eat and Drink While Helping the Cause of Breast Cancer in October at National Restaurants

The restaurants listed here are chain restaurants with locations in multiple states. Many other local restaurants and bars are also raising money and awareness for breast cancer.

1. Panera Bread

This restaurant created a special pink ribbon-shaped bagel that is available at in nearly 1,000 bakery-cafes during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This limited-time menu item is made up of cherry chips, dried cherries and cranberries, vanilla, honey and brown sugar. The bagel idea was created in 2001 by one of their franchisers who is also a breast cancer survivor.

2. Caribou Coffee

Locations can be found in 40 states. This is the 15th year this coffee chain is brewing its exclusive and expanded line of Amy’s Blend to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure and to honor former Caribou roastmaster Amy Erickson. They offer coffee, tea and merchandise under this line. In October, Caribou Coffee fans can honor a loved one who has been touched by breast cancer by dedicating a pink tulip — Amy’s favorite flower — to be planted in Amy’s Gardens. Guests at Caribou coffeehouses can dedicate a bulb to their loved ones in the store, and visitors to can submit a tribute to Amy’s Garden online and watch a virtual tulip bloom.

3. Hungry Howie

This pizza chain has 575 locations in multiple states. Their normally yellow pizza boxes will be pink. Guests can also choose to add a $1 donation to any order and will receive a pink “Love, Hope & Pizza” magnet. Also, for every time a fan shares a breast cancer story on the brand’s Facebook page, Hungry Howie’s will make another $1 donation.

4. Village Inn

This family dining chain with 216 locations will donate $1 for every sale of its Pink Ribbon French Silk Pie, a variant of its best-selling French Silk Pie adorned with pink-ribbon sprinkles.

5. Tossed Salads

This garden fresh salad chain is in six different states. They created a Strawberry Passion salad for the cure. One dollar from every Strawberry Passion salad sold throughout the month will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Their creation combines baby field greens, freshly roasted chicken, dried cranberries, apples, cucumber, strawberries and goat cheese with tossed vinaigrette.

6. Hooters

This chain, which quite obviously uses breasts to succeed, is not offering a particular item. They have, however, raised more than $2 million over the past four years at its 400 locations throughout the country. The chain says it also educates its 17,000 female servers about the importance of breast cancer awareness as well as early detection.

What Breast Cancer Awareness Month really needs to do is not merely raise awareness, but raise fear in women so that they take steps to prevent breast cancer. This article from Natural Health gives you some guidance on preventing yourself from getting this disease. As they point out, women have a one in eight chance of getting breast cancer, but they can change those odds.

Photo Credit: Breast Cancer Awareness Month: it can happen to you

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