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Book Sale All Weekend at Idlewild


Idlewild may be the most underrated bookstore in the city. We hit it up when we need a travel guide for our latest adventure or maybe even a language book if one too many Almodovar movies have us convinced Spanish is the sexiest language ever. But the huge selection of fiction and non-fiction gets forgotten.

The entire store is arranged by country, either the country of author’s origin or the country the book is about/takes place in. It’s an excellent way to find your latest great read. If you’ve never been to Idlewild or neglected to look past the travel books, this weekend is a great opportunity. All day Saturday and Sunday (noon-7pm), all books are 20% off. As the weather turns colder, what better way to spend your Saturday than hunting down an amazing book bargain – and maybe heading south a block to City Bakery for a hot chocolate and croissant once you’re done!

Idlewild Books (12  West 19th St, between 5th and 6th Aves)