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By The Way, Where The Hell Have I Been?


No mystery. I’ve been VERY busy. And I didn’t want to keep posting about being very busy. So I figured, upon returning, I’d just let everybody know what’s going on. Between work and other projects (film and multimedia), my time has been completely consumed. My apologies if it seemed like I don’t care about the blog. I do, but life oftentimes gets in the way.

Also, to be honest, I’ve been bored with politics lately. Especially since it’s either about A ) what Bill Maher will post about Christine O’Donnell next, B ) something stupid a Tea Party candidate has said or C ) something smart that Jon Stewart says about something stupid a Tea Party candidate has said.

But now the horse race is starting to heat up and the polls are getting interesting. So I’m getting back into it. Not making any promises that I’ll post as much as I have in the past election cycles, but you’ll see an uptick. My goal is to post at least once a day. I think I can make that work.

Onward and upward.

(PS – The pictures have absolutely no meaning. Consider it a non sequitur treat from me to you.)