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Man Killed After Being Denied To Agnostic Front Gig


DC Police spokesperson Cathy Lanier
A 27-year-old man named Ali Ahmed Mohammed — who was denied entry to the DC9 Club in Washington, D.C., last night where Agnostic Front and Mother of Mercy concert has just played and, later, threw a brick through the venue’s front window — was pronounced dead early this morning not far from the club.

According to NBC Washington, the show had just ended and Mohammed was reportedly denied entry because the club was closing. He threw the brick through the window and fled on foot. Five employees of the club chased him down and that’s when things got really fucked up.

Police claims he was tackled and beaten, and that Mohammed was “barely conscious” upon arrival at Howard University Hospital. He was pronounced dead due to blunt force trauma — or being beaten to death, as DC Police spokesperson Cathy Lanier explained during a press conference. 

“Someone has lost their life from a savage beating with what appears to be vigilante justice, it’s just ridiculous,” Lanier told reporters. The five people were arrested on second-degree murder charges.

According to an email from a buddy of mine who was actually at the show last night, “Oh, man — Agnostic Front were fucking awesome. The show was totally sick. But I ended up leaving before the whole window smashing incident. The show rocked, though. No pun intended. Hope that helps.” It doesn’t, but thanks Dylan.

The club has issued a statement saying that it ‘is deeply saddened by the tragic events that have occurred. Our condolences go out to the family of the victim. We would like to thank our friends, family, and all the employees of DC9. DC9 is a special environment of some of strongest friendships that could only be compared to a close family, which we consider ourselves. We very much look forward to our day in court.” Wow. That’s a bold-ass statement.

One eyewitness told the NBC station that he merely saw the employees hold Mohammed down until police could arrive, and that not one kicked or punched the man.