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LA Art This Week: Ester Partegas and Fashion and Finance at Pepperdine

Less World by Ester Partegas
Less World by Ester Partegas

Ester Partegas at Christopher Grimes Gallery

The gallery walls are covered in what looks like a graffitied alley way garage door.  On top of those faux walls are Partegas’s Less World prints.  These prints are comprised of magazine adverts that have been torn and reshaped to create a new kind of painting.  Creating a kind of graphic multi-dimensional layering, the pieces are filled with a mix of modern and contemporary abstraction that uses light without creating landscapes as much as objects.  View the pieces from the opposite side of the room and you will get the full impact of the purposeful shapes and the shifting light, otherwise it’s like walking up to a billboard and wondering why you can’t read it.

The show runs through October 30 at Christopher Grimes Gallery.

Large Copper Dress by Lesley Dill
Poem Dress by Lesley Dill

Inspired by Fashion and Finance at Pepperdine University

This group show is focused on the influence of fashion and finance in different artist’s work.  There is a huge range of artists from celebrities like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring to lesser known artists like Violise Lunn and Joon-Sung Bae.  Many non-traditional materials are used including a huge pair of wings comprised of shoes, high heeled pumps made from paper, and dollar signs made of hang tag plastic, to name just a few.  It’s a creative show that gives an interesting view of the way many artists have been inspired to make work that reflects our society’s fascination with clothing and money as ways of expressing individuality.  Edward Goldman talks about the show here.

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The show runs through December 5 at Frederick Weisman Museum of Art at Pepperdine University.