Weeds has gone through a plethora of guest stars, and supporting cast that are no longer with the show, but have long left their mark. Weeds never had a problem with cutting loose or writing out characters that ran their course on the show, and some were left with story lines unfinished. Season 6 of Weeds has seen Nancy and her crew on the run, which left many long time supporting cast members in the dust. The 10 Weeds characters that have been either written out, or had their story line left in limbo are surely missed by loyal and long time fans of the show.

Sanjay Patel - 'Weeds' played by Maulik Pancholy

1. Sanjay Patel
Appearing in 25 episodes during seasons 1-5, Sanjay became a refreshing form of entertainment whenever he was on the screen. Sanjay was a junior college student who starts out as a tutor for Nancy’s son, but soon finds himself one of her best drug dealers. Sanjay becomes Nancy’s right hand man when she opens up the bakery, and during season 3 realizes he is gay. Coming in and out of Weeds, it was always nice when the storyline brought him back, but I think his run is done. Sanjay Patel is played by actor Maulik Pancholy, who was pulling double duty for a couple of years when he started playing Jonathan, a main cast member on 30 Rock in 2006.

Tonye Patano as Heylia James from Weeds

2. Heylia James
Quick witted, and no nonsense Heylia James was a series regular during season 1-3 of Weeds.  She was Nancy’s marijuana supplier who quickly taught Nancy what to and not to do in the weed business. She was always a cautious woman that warned Nancy about getting too big, but it always fell on deaf ears. Heylia James is Conrad’s aunt, and Vaneeta’s mother. During season 3 Heylia tries to break away from Nancy and the trouble she brings, but once again they became partners when Heylia and Conrad needed a new grow house. We were left with Heylia talking about getting out of the weed game, and have not seen her since Nancy left Agrestic. Heylia James was played by Tonye Patano, who currently has a recurring role on One Life to Live.

Romany Malco as Conrad Shepard from Weeds

3. Conrad Shepard
Sweet, sexy Conrad Shepard played by Romany Malco saw his time cut short on Weeds by only appearing as a series regular from seasons 1-3. Calm and collected, Conrad was Nancy’s initial supplier that quickly fell for Nancy. He soon found himself a marijuana grower, something that Heylia discouraged, but Nancy supported. Conrad had a one night stand with Celia Hodes, and eventually had a fling with Nancy. He has not been back since season 3 ended with a fire that destroyed his grow house, and Agrestic.

Ignacio Morero, Jr. played by Hemky Madera

4. Ignacio Morero, Jr.
There could never be too much Ignacio on Weeds, and thankfully viewers got to see him during season 6. Always funny without trying, Ignacio is played by Hemky Madera and appeared during seasons 4-6 as one of Esteban’s crew. His brash, no holds bar ways were often paired with Esteban’s number one man, straight laced Cesar. Ignacio came into Weeds as the guard watching the tunnel at Nancy’s maternity boutique, and quickly became added into more of the show. He inadvertently was the cause of Celia’s cocaine problem, and during season 5 became Nancy’s bodyguard. Being around Nancy’s family he became a huge influence on Shane, and one of the main reasons Shane is now a cold-hearted killer. During season 6 he was in pursuit of the Botwin’s, and even captured them but ultimately let the family go out of respect for Shane. Will he be back? Only time will tell, but he was always a dark delight and the cause of many great one-liners.

Renée Victor as Lupita from Weeds

5. Lupita
Appearing throughout seasons 1-6, Lupita came in and out of the Botwins lives as their housekeeper. During season 1 she discovers Nancy is dealing weed through her friend, and uses it as leverage to make her life easier. She is written out of the series once Nancy has to let her go because of money trouble, but was brought back in once Stevie is born. Taking on the role as Stevie’s primary caretaker, Lupita takes a special liking to him, and even wants to take the baby with her when Nancy flees from Esteban. Lupita’s quick wit, and sticky fingers made her a delight to watch on Weeds, but I think her run on the show ran out.

Celia Hodes from "Weeds" - played by Elizabeth Perkins.

6. Celia Hodes
The ups and downs of Celia’s life made viewers like or disgust for her fluctuate. Celia was a series regular from season 1-5 and ex-wife to Dean, lover to Doug, and mother to Isabelle and Quinn. Celia’s stuck up and prissy life was quickly interrupted when she found out she had cancer, and her harsh attitude made it impossible for people to want her around. Celia’s alcohol and cocaine abuse was a touchy subject that managed to have humor, and even landed her in rehab. She tried to become involved with Nancy’s operation, and even attempted to embody Nancy during season 5 by changing her hair color, and mannerisms. Weeds left out in season 5 with Celia putting together her own drug ring, which involved many of Nancy’s old crew, but her life was left with no closure as she has not appeared during season 6. Celia is played by Elizabeth Perkins, who announced her reign on Weeds was over, so it looks like viewers will never get closure on Celia.

Andy Milder as Dean Hodes from Weeds

7. Dean Hodes
Shown in all six seasons, Dean Hodes is Isabelle and Quinn’s father, Celia’s ex-husband, Nancy’s lawyer and Doug’s friend. Many comical moments came from Dean and Doug’s shenanigans, and his bickering’s with Celia. Dean was the go to lawyer for all of the Botwin’s and he never saw a problem with bending a few rules if they payed in cash or weed. Dean was shown briefly in season 6 of Weeds during FBI questioning footage, but no story line has been tied up for him yet.


8. Guillermo García Gómez
Drug dealer and trafficker Guillermo Gomez, appeared during seasons 3-5 of Weeds, and is played by Guillermo Díaz. Nancy meets Guillermo when she is doing a pick up to try and pay off debt for U-Turn. He quickly nicknamed Nancy “Blanca”, and the two start working together once U-Turn dies. Guillermo’s boss is Nancy’s future husband Esteban, and he is the cause for the wildfire that destroys Majestic. He eventually gets arrested, and ends up on Nancy’s bad list, but she would still go visit him in jail for advice, or to gloat. Nancy’s last visit to Guillermo in jail ends with them agreeing if she has him transferred to Mexico, he will kill Pilar. The transfer happens, and Guillermo escapes from custody, but Pilar is not killed by him because it’s revealed he works for her, not Esteban. Will Guillermo be back? Doubtful, but he was a smooth operator that had great chemistry with Nancy on screen.

Allie Grant as Isabelle Hodes from Weeds

9. Isabelle Hodes
Appearing in seasons 1-5 of Weeds, Isabelle is the youngest child of Celia and Dean Hodes. She is a feisty young girl that grew up too fast because of her pushy mother, and too relaxed father. She is openly gay, which pushed Celia’s buttons at first, and she became a caregiver to Dean when he got run off the road on his motorcycle and ended up breaking his legs. She always had a tight knit friendship with Shane, and once the Botwin’s fled in season 6, we have not seen Isabelle.

Dr. Audra Kitson from Weeds

10. Dr. Audra Kitson
Played by Alanis Morissette, Audra became a series regular during season 5, and was written out in season 6. Audra was first introduced when Nancy sought out an OBGYN, and eventually delivered Stevie. Audra will be missed because she eventually brought stability into Andy’s life when the two fell in love and became engaged. The series did give some closure to Audra when they showed video tape of her being asked questions by the FBI in season 6, but her calm presence will be missed.

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