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Bending spoons: a Psychokinesis event at Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim

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Can you learn how to bend a spoon with your mind?

If you’re interested in flexing your mind muscle, or you’re bored with your ordinary-shaped cutlery, then join JaQuaeline for the PK Spoon Bending Party at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim on November 20th from 7-10pm.

Make it a family setting by including your kids; ages 7-12 are almost free. Just bring $8 each for the silver-plated spoons and flatware provided by the event. The PK Spoon Bending Party may not be suitable for children under the age of 7, due to risk of self-injury.  For teens and adults, admission is $35 the day of the event, or $25 if you register and pay in advance by calling Learning Light Foundation or stopping by.  Bring a friend (or the spouse) and get 2 for $40.

Is it real? Psychokinesis falls into the realm of phenomena that remain of scientific interest to many but has not yet been irrefutably demonstrated in controlled situations, nor can yet be completely disproven.  Many who have claimed to be masters of psychokinesis have been exposed eventually to be manipulating the objects in more mundane ways, such as with subtle movements, magician’s tricks, and magnets.  Others maintain the validity of psychokinesis, decrying the exposure of a few fraudulent cases.  Why not try it out for yourself?

The Learning Light Foundation is located at 1212 E Lincoln, in Anaheim.  You can register in advance for the PK Spoon Bending Party and find out about other events by calling (714) 533-2311.