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Nutella Eating Contest: Results


Contestants, mid-gulping!Word-of-mouth says Santa Ana is currently undergoing a revitalization, with improved streets, new shopping quarters, and up-and-coming clubs. The new cultural destination is also home to L.A.’s gourmet food truck culture, and November 2nd, 12 PM, Crepes Bonaparte hosted a Nutella Eating Contest, daring one and all to down one bottle of Nutella for the rights to a free month of crepes from Crepes Bonaparte’s food truck (locations available via their webpage or twitter updates) The Union Civic Square in Santa Ana played host to the event with three additional food trucks, lined up to join in the fun.

The proceeds went to a charity, and participants received a free crepe and the remains of their Nutella bottle (except for the winner who scrapes it clean). Participants also sported an “I Love Food Trucks” t-shirt – very L.A. chic, in case the chocolate dribble got dangerous. Three brave souls stepped forward for the challenge… under the eyes of Crepe Bonaparte customers and the cheerful announcement that one bottle was only 4000 calories,  Thao Le walked away as 2010 Nutella Eating Champion after a gruesome 7 minutes.

Pictures and footage were recorded by OC Weekly, so news will follow from them shortly in their food section.

The garcons at Crepes Bonaparte are very friendly and happy, and cutely dressed with tilted beret and bow tie, serving up dessert and savory crepes. To request them to stop by your office one lunch day, just send an email off to