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Supernatural Recap: Family Matters


This was a very important episode. So many revelations in one episode! That’s been the theme of Season Six: Hit the ground running and always look back to earlier, unsolved questions… and ANSWER THEM WITH A VENGEANCE!

Castiel returns to use his painful soul-searching technique on both Sam and Samuel. Samuel has his soul, but Sam does not (and apparently, he never sleeps either). This is BIG REVEAL 1.

We also get to see the remaining Campbell family members (Gwen and Christian) as Samuel allows Sam and Dean to invade the Alpha-Vampire’s nest. Dean and Gwen were meant to hang back, but Dean runs in after hearing gunshots. Dean spots Samuel and Sam throwing the Alpha into the back of the van, then they both lie to Dean about it, saying the Alpha is dead.

Dean confronts Sam about the lie, and they both decide to find out where the Alpha-monsters are being kept, since Samuel won’t even give Sam that information. They find the “Alpha-prison”, and are called in by the Alpha-Vampire. He reveals to them that Samuel has kidnapped him to find out where Purgatory exists, and we learn that Purgatory is where all the creatures without souls have ended up over six seasons. When Sam and Dean ask him where he comes from, the Alpha states that every creature has a MOTHER. BIG REVEAL 2 and 3 together from one character… fantastic.

The Campbell clan busts Sam and Dean, but they don’t have time to sort out their differences, because Alpha-Vamp escapes and KILLS CHRISTIAN. He tells Sam he has big plans for him (uh oh…more plans for Sam), and he will turn him into the perfect soulless animal. CHRISTIAN pops up out of nowhere and sedates the Alpha. HE IS A DEMON! A bunch of demons appear and disappear with the Alpha, leaving someone clapping in the background. CROWLEY’S BACK! BIG REVEAL 4!! I suppose the boys wish they had burned his bones now.

Photo: The CW

Crowley updates our storyline even further, saying Christian has been a Demon for quite some time (BIG REVEAL 5), that he’s in control of Samuel’s actions (BIG REVEAL 6), and because he is the King of Hell for now, he had the power to bring Sam and Samuel back (BIG REVEAL 7).

Now the plot thickens. Crowley is holding Sam’s soul to make sure Sam will help Samuel and Gwen capture more Alphas (or high-ranking creatures). We still don’t know what he is holding over Samuel to make him help the demons.  Dean will help by default, despite not trusting Demons or his family.  Things are heating up, and we’re only a third of the way through the season.  Can the show keep this pace all season long?  I sure hope so… this is simply breath-taking.

GORE OF THE NIGHT: Nothing new this week, as once again a decapitation involving a vampire spills some serious blood and takes the cake!

Moment of the Night: They are all labeled as big reveals in my recap, but I’d say the reveal of Crowley’s involvement ties with the “BIG MAMA” reveal.

Quotes of the Night: “If the old man is Kermit, who’s hand is up his ass?” Dean, trying to figure out why Samuel is capturing Alpha creatures.

“When your kind first huddled around the fire, I was the thing in the dark.” Alpha-vampire, explaining his origins to Sam and Dean. As a side note, I’d like to point out that Rick Worthy’s delivery of this line was absolutely chilling. Big Kudos for the perfect casting of the Alpha-vampire role.

Photo: IMDB

Season 6, Episode 7
Written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin
Directed by Guy Norman Bee