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Falling To Pieces Singer Nicci DeSoto Dies In Road Accident


RIP Nicci
This is hard for me to admit, and maybe its because I’m writing this after what was a long, exhausting day. Maybe its that I’m feeling emotional, like a menopausal woman, and so this news just sort of hit me in a strange way, despite never having met this woman. But Nicci DeSoto, who was the lead singer of California thrash metallers Falling To Pieces, was killed Saturday morning in a motorcycle accident.

Someone emailed me a link to the band’s MySpace with a note about her death with a link to Blabbermouth. I looked at her pictures. She seemed so full of life, so carefree. And she looked like she was having a fucking great time being in a metal band. The thought that she was gone brought tears to my eyes…on the other side of the country. Here, I thought I had a bad day, having someone spill strawberry shake on me and my cell phone crapping out. But I’m still here…for now. This fucking sucks, man. I can’t wait for this year to end. So much death. Nicci was 25.

The band officially commented on this whole situation on their Facebook, which has a picture of Nicci with an “RIP” across the top. Their statement says, “This morning, our singer Nicci D. passed away in a motorcycle accident. Please keep her, her family, and her friends in your thoughts.”

I am fucking bummed. Sorry you’re gone, Nicci. And my thoughts are with Falling To Pieces, which includes Scott Danough, who plays guitar in Bleeding Through.