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In Defense of The Office: Why It Should Continue Past Season Seven


Many weeks ago, I started a list of replacements for Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott.  Rumors were flying that someone famous may come on board as Dunder-Miflin’s new manager.  I made a list of celebrities I would like to see take charge, as well as a list of the current cast who I feel are more than up for leading the series into its eighth season.

During the creation of the lists, I wrote that I wished the series would end with Carell’s departure.  I felt like the stories were getting repetitive and interchangeable, the characters were becoming a little precocious or underutilized, and there didn’t seem to be anything guiding where we were headed beyond the Jim and Pam relationship.  Basically, it was becoming stale.

Based on the episodes aired so far that represent season seven, I have changed my mind.  This season seems to be gaining steam and really knows where it is headed.  We have seen the beginning of possibly reuniting Michael with one of his long lost loves. I always felt like Michael and Holly were the cute couple of the series, so I hope this leads to a happy ending for those two (Carell and Amy Ryan just oozed chemistry on screen together).

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Jim and Pam’s story arc seems to be taking a backseat to allow other characters the chance to shine.  So far this season, I have seen great things from:

-Stanley (his non-reactions to his office mates messing with him during the Halloween episode were just priceless)

-Angela (The CHRISTENING episode was a good one for her)

-Toby (stole the few scenes he was in for CHRISTENING, and his therapy session with Michael was hilarious and touching; a true tour-de-force performance for Paul Lieberstien).

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We saw the episode SEX ED that gave us a small preview of how it would look to have Andy in charge of meetings and operations at Dunder-Miflin.  I really liked it.  As much as I would LOVE to see Stanley take charge, SEX ED really put the spotlight on Ed Helms.

We also have major hints thrown our way that Darryl has been coming up with great ideas that could eventually lead to an unexpected CEO dream of his.  Maybe Andy and Darryl can share managing duties, as they always have great exchanges and dialogues together.

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In conclusion, I am requesting that those who have given up on THE OFFICE to find it in your hearts to give it another chance.   At the very least, keep it in your DVRs and TIVOs.  Who knows?  This season may recapture the brilliance of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons, and the inevitable 8th season may still offer something special A.M. (After Michael).