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It’s that time of year again. Today, Jonathan Gold, food critic for the L.A. Weekly, gives starving Angelenos his list of 99 essential restaurants. This year’s theme explores the modern Los Angeles restaurant. These are the eateries that we have come to love in this city; the ones with menus featuring seasonal ingredients, the ones boasting celebrity chefs at the helm, the ethnic jewels in far off suburbs, and, of course, Kogi.

As Gold writes, “the mantra of local, seasonal, sustainable, organic has become so persistent in Los Angeles” that the “menus at some restaurants seem almost identical to one another at certain times of the year, and completely different from their own menus in spring.”

His list also includes popular ‘anti’-restaurants like LudoBites, which is constantly changing locations, and Test Kitchen, which has a brick and mortar address but is constantly rotating a new chef based on the day of the week.

All in all, a great round-up… not that you’d expect anything less from Gold. Pick up your copy today and start exploring. You can also view the full list at

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