Pete Yorn‘s self-titled album was released in September and he will support it with a tour starting in February 2011 in Phoenix. On Valentine’s Day to be exact. Gotta love it. (sorry)

Tickets to the shows went on sale November 5th and if you purchase tickets through Ticketmaster by November 19th you will get a free download of the new album. Note that not all of the tour dates appear on the Ticketmaster site, so check the official website for a complete schedule, news and updates.

The newest album is the indie singer/songwriter’s 5th solo studio album. In 2009 Yorn collaborated with Scarlett Johansson (whose first album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, was released in 2008) on an album titled Break Up.

In a 2006 interview with Silent Uproar upon the release of the final album in his morning, day and night trilogy, Yorn talked about what he had planned next.

“SU: So that kind of sets you up for what comes next? Does this mean the start of a new theme or do you still want to explore the previous one?

Pete: I think it allows me freedom to do whatever I want on the next record. I mean I have always been free to do whatever I want anyway, but I feel like I have recorded the same way from a technical standpoint as well and I feel that when the time comes for me to make the next record I can address anything I want in any way I want. So if I want to start a band or do something under a different name, I feel like I have a complete freedom, which is a nice thing.”

Whatever else you say about any Pete Yorn album it’s obvious he chooses to exercise his creative freedom in whatever direction his own personal wind is blowing. The latest offering is heavier (for him) on the rock end of the spectrum and highly listenable.

Tour Dates

02/14 – Phoenix, AZ
02/16 – Salt Lake City,
02/17 – Denver, CO
02/19 – Council Bluffs, IA
02/20 – Kansas City, MO
02/22 – Minneapolis, MN
02/23 – Chicago, IL
02/27 – St. Louis, MO
03/01 – Indianapolis, IN
03/02 – Columbus, OH
03/04 – Detroit, MI
03/08 – Boston, MA
03/10 – Philadelphia, PA
03/11 – New York, NY
03/14 – Washington, DC
04/01 – Seattle, WA
04/02 – Vancouver, BC
04/03 – Portland, OR
04/05 – San Francisco, CA
04/06 – Los Angeles, CA
04/09 – San Diego, CA
04/10 – Anaheim, CA
04/14 – Houston, TX
04/15 – Dallas, TX
04/16 – Austin, TX
04/22 – Atlanta, GA

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