Hey Donovan, how have you been?  Not so good, huh?

So, it’s been a rough couple of weeks in the life of one Donovan McNabb since the loss to Detroit, after having been pulled from the game for Rex Grossman.  Then his coach, Mike Shanahan questioned Donovan McNabb’s “cardiovascular endurance“.  Then the Redskins went on their bye and it’s been two weeks of questions, ripping, and back and forth between McNabb and his coach.  The latest news I have heard is that while watching tape of Michael Vick, Shanahan pulled in all of his coaches to praise Vick’s play.  I’m sure that will sit well with McNabb.

While McNabb was a Philadelphia Eagle, I really was a McNabb supporter.  Okay, at least I was a Donovan defender.  I do really feel that McNabb was the best quarterback that I have seen.  I never got to see Van Brocklin; he played before I was born.  I appreciate the fact that he got the Eagles to 5 NFC Championships.  I do, however, see his faults.  Now that he is no longer our QB, I will not put up with his passive-aggressive behavior.

As McNabb would have his issues, he would always manage to say he was at fault and then backhandedly blame his teammates.  Or take a shot at the fans.  Eagles’ fans and McNabb had a tenuous relationship, as I outlined in “Donovan McNabb: Why We Don’t Like You.”  However, that relationship was blown out of proportion and misunderstood by the national press.  Overall, McNabb was well liked by the vast majority of fans.  It is the more crazed, passionate (and vocal) minority, who populate the airwaves of WIP and the Fanatic, that questioned some of McNabb’s abilities.  It feels good to be proven correct, as McNabb struggles at his current home.  It’s very old school Philadelphia fan.  We were spoiled by the Phillies for a couple years, but now we return to celebrating the struggles of others.  Cowboys 1-7, Wade Phillips fired; McNabb struggles and fights through press with his coach; Every Heat loss — but a digress, back to the game at hand.

The Eagles come in off of their impressive victory over Peyton Manning and the Colts.  Washington comes in after the bye, and coming off the aforementioned loss to the Detroit Lions.  McNabb does have something to prove, but all other signs point the way of the Eagles.  The in-fighting in the ‘Skins locker room can’t be good for the team.  Vick and the offense have been explosive.  The Eagles and Vick have revenge on their mind, from the previous loss, which was also the game that Vick was injured.  The Eagles and Redskins always seem to split, and the Eagles always seem to perform well on national TV.  Match-ups and trends aside, I think it will be a close one, but I see the Eagles pulling it out.  How about a drive with 2 minutes to go to win it?  I guess it won’t be the Redskins winning then.

My prediction: 24- 17 Eagles win.

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