Folk-rock musicians Matt Duke, Tony Lucca and  Jay Nash will perform at the Tin Angel on Saturday, November 20th as part of their second TFDI Tour.  The three musicians had such a successful experience last year that they’ve decided to recreate the musical mayhem by embarking on their second tour as an ensemble.

In honor of their first round of musically-motivated travels around the US, the trio recorded an EP at The League of Creative Musicians at SPACE in Evanston, IL.  In conjunction with the first tour, a series of video blogs became available for fans to catch the group performing and traveling.  The name of the tour comes from Jay Nash singing “Totally F*ckin’ Doin’ It” on one of those blogs- a jingle that became the group’s slogan shortly thereafter.  The group plans to record a follow-up album to the initial TFDI EP.

The music of these three artists signifies the blending of three unique voices in songwriting.  Each member brings a slightly different musical element to the group, from soul to folk sensibility.  If you think these guys are great flying solo, wait until you hear the folky, bluesy guitar riffs and beautiful harmonies that come from their combined performances.  Live recordings of some of the songs from the first EP can be found on the TFDI facebook page.

The group is offering a VIP package along with each show for $29, including an autographed set list, autographed poster, and admission to a pre-show hang with the three guys.  The Tin Angel installment of the tour is 21+ and tickets are $10.  The venue is located at 20 S. 2nd St.  in Philadelphia, PA.

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