This past November weekend’s box office numbers were the highest since 2003, which is largely in part due to the two big-time movies to hit the screen: Megamind and Due Date.

1. Megamind pulled in $46,016,833.

The best movie to compare Megamind to is Despicable Me, which works on the same premise of the supposed villain turning out to be or turning into the hero. There are hot shot actor’s names, as per the norm, voicing the characters, the movie poster going so far as to put “Pitt vs Ferrell.” Tina Fey plays the female lead, which is to be noted as she won an award for comeback of the year (which was a tight race against Downey, Jr.)

2. Due Date pulled in 32,689,406.

Due Date‘s success was expected, with the sardonic character played by Downey, Jr. and pulling the same actor and director from The Hangover. It’s a feel-good romp without any real or particular moral lesson, but is fun to watch. It’s mostly riding the good responses from The Hangover and will likely pull in the same crowd.

3. For Colored Girls 19,497,324.

Not much to say here, except it hasn’t done as well as Tyler Perry’s other movies, but it’s not exactly the same comedy/drama genre, and it’s based on another’s works.

Of the big production companies’ releases, Red and Secretariat are holding strong, dropping 19 and 15 percents respectively in box office numbers. Other mentions are The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest and Conviction, both of whom dropped around 11% from the previous week. For same day releases, Fair Game made $651,082 on the same level with Gomaal 3 (a foreign release), but incomparable to the top 3 or even the top 12.

With Veteran’s day on Thursday, the next coming four-day weekend looks like it will be a box-office booster. Nevertheless, the top 2 will most likely stay the same despite the release of Morning Glory, Unstoppable, and Skyline. In summary, a chick-flick like comedy, an action flick, and a sci-fi alien flick. Third place will likely be a battle between action flick and sci-fi flick.

Culture Weekend Box Office Results: Nov 5-7