As the future of the beloved “James Bond” film series hangs in the balance (EDIT–I just read an article saying that there are plans to release Bond 23 in Nov. 2012!), I think it’s appropriate to take a look at the female characters in these testosterone-filled spy movies.  I think that a Bond Girl can make or break a Bond movie. If she’s annoying or helpless, usually the movie turns out to be disappointing. But, more often than not, these lovely ladies are cool, smart, capable and gorgeous.

10. Camille MontesQuantum of Solace (2008)

QOS may not be the best Bond movie ever but Camille is a very memorable Bond Girl. She had her own agenda and could take care of herself. Plus she was unique in that there was no love story between her Daniel Craig’s Bond.

9. SolitaireLive and Let Die (1973)

Jane Seymour as the beautiful, virginal tarot card reader elevated this somewhat ludicrous Bond film.

8. Domino Derval Thunderball (1965)

Domino is an awesome Bond Girl especially because she is so beautiful. But she is also competent and cool.

7. Anya AmasovaThe Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Anya was the feminist Bond Girl. She was a better agent than he was and could out-smart his every move.

6. Pussy Galore Goldfinger (1964)

Ms. Galore was one of the many Bond heroines who could match wits with him but she was also the most fierce.

5. OctopussyOctopussy (1983)

I love Maud Adams in this role. She was sexy as anything but also kind of scary in a succubus kind of way.

4.Tatiana Romanova From Russia With Love (1963)

When Bond finds Tatiana in his bed wearing nothing but a black choker, it is an iconic moment in Bond history. And she is the one to kill one of Bond’s most notorious villains: Rosa Klebb

3. Vesper LyndCasino Royale (2006)

After a string of generic Bond Girls during the Dalton/Brosnan eras, we got Vesper. She had a backbone and a real personality. Plus she looked great with Daniel Craig.

2. Honey RyderDr. No (1962)

Her iconic entrance into the movie has become one of the most memorable moments in cinema. But I love Honey because she is resourceful, strong and gorgeous.

1. Tracy Di Vicenzo – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

OHMSS is my favorite Bond movie. Tracy challenged Bond intellectually not just sexually like the others. She was unapologetic but tender also. The end of the movie is tragic which is unusual for Bond. But it’s the closest Bond ever got to true love.

So, Bond fans, who am I missing on this list? Who is your favorite Bond Girl?

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