supernatural season 6 episode 8This Supernatural episode (All Dogs Go To Heaven, Season 6 Episode 8 ) starts with the snarling “Predator Cam” attack, and immediately cut to Sam and Dean arguing with Crowley about their new demon employment.  Crowley sends the brothers to retrieve the Alpha-werewolf, and he claims he will return Sam’s soul when they succeed.

Sam and Dean interrogate a couple and follow the drunken boyfriend around all night, but nothing happens.  After the brothers leave, the boyfriend is ripped apart by LUCKY, THE FAMILY GERMAN SHEPHERD.  Lucky shifts into a creepy looking dude!  We then see “Captain Creepy” standing bedside of the girlfriend; he changes back into Lucky the dog and joins her in bed (we also see the dog lick his lips when the woman showers…tremendous).

Sam spots the dog shift into the creepy dude while on stakeout, and sees a mysterious large man scold him in the park.  Sam is spotted, and Lucky the dog leads Sam on a chase that ends with Lucky being hit by a minivan and taken to the vet.

Sam lets Dean know they are dealing with a SKINWALKER (cousin of the werewolf), so the brothers retrieve Lucky from the vet to get some questions answered.  Lucky doesn’t seem so creepy now, as Dean figures out he was protecting his family.  Lucky says he was one of 30 recruits and there is a pack leader (though we learn this is not the Alpha, just a leader of one of many SKINWALKER CELLS).  The Skinwalkers were supposed to infiltrate families, posing as the family dog, and then turn them when signaled.  Dean feels they have to kill the Pack Leader, despite Sam’s hesitation that he may have info on the Alpha location.

At the pack’s warehouse location, Dean readies with a sniper rifle to take out the Pack Leader, but the pack has taken the girlfriend and her son hostage.  The Pack Leader scolds Lucky for protecting them, and orders him to turn them right now.  Sam and Dean blast onto the scene with guns blazing.  Lucky defends his family and gets shot by the Pack Leader, allowing Dean to blast him to smithereens.

We finish with Lucky back at the house, trying to apologize to his family, but the girlfriend shows no sympathy and kicks him out.  Sam reveals more about his unemotional thought process to Dean, who says he just wants the old Sam back.

Quotes of the Night:

“Dogs and Cats living together…mass hysteria!”  Sam, with a nice GHOSTBUSTERS reference (Dean would later prove to be more with the times by calling Sam DEXTER)

“Sniffing people’s butts…that’s a real step up!”  Dean, after lucky explained why he allowed his sick, homeless self to be turned into a Skinwalker.

Gore of the Night:  Nothing really took over the gag reflex tonight, but there were some nice sniper shots, blowing heads off bodies, and the crunching sounds made when Lucky ate his victims were pretty gross.

Moment of the Night:  Sam’s part in Lucky’s interrogation was absolutely HILARIOUS!  The way he tauntingly held the fetch ball in front of Lucky had me laughing hysterically.

Written by Adam Glass

Directed by Philip Sgriccia

Culture Supernatural Recap: All Dogs Go To Heaven (Season 6 Episode 8)