Some of the best doughnuts with the most delectable character can be consumed right here in Atlanta.The place, located near Georgia Tech, is small and unassuming, but the sweet, fried dough is fresh and clearly made with care. When you experience this combination, you’ll be sure to smile—a reaction you might not expect were it any other thug.

Atlanta Sublime Doughnuts A-Town Creme
An A-Town Creme from Sublime Doughnuts.

When Food Becomes Art

In its October edition, Travel and Leisure named Sublime Doughnuts as one of “America’s Best Donuts.” They call the creations of owner, Kamal Grant, tasty works of art.

The Strawberry N Cream with fresh strawberries and vanilla cream cheese and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup are two that are original and delicious. One commenter on Yelp who calls herself a master baker, Lisa L., writes that,”The butter toffee with caramel chocolate icing is phenomenal.”

“I didn’t expect to like it because of the toffee bits texture conflict,” says Lisa L. “But it was off the charts good.”

Fight for the Local

This Atlanta doughnut shop also recently received recognition as the Creative Loafing staff pick for best doughnuts in Atlanta. In an article in Food and Wine, Grant says, “Foodies are saving mom-and-pop places like mine.” As they should. If it’s local and good, why opt for Krispy Kreme or Kroger?

I usually successfully steer clear of doughnuts, but the ones in front of me are never as good as the A-Town Creme I gobbled down recently. These custard-filled creations have delighted the mouths of Atlanta Magazine and are much better than the Boston creme ones from a doughnut chain store I used to love as a child.

It’s Hard Out There for the Doughnut

Atlanta Sublime Doughnut Danish

Sublime Doughnut’s website says, “Doughnuts are the street thug of the pastry world; strutting past Cupcake, snatching the cream from Eclair and making Danish ‘break bread.’”

If doughnuts are suffering as all thugs do, it seems that Sublime Doughnuts is puling doughnuts out of the street life, one sweet treat at a time.

If you can’t make it to the Westside, Grant’s sublime creations can also be found at Noon Midtown, Octane Coffee Bar & Lounge, St. Charles Deli and Cypress Street Pint and Plate.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Oberst

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