Silent Night starring Linda Hamilton

Each holiday season there are certain movies that are must-sees, because they inspire that “Christmas Spirit” ~ the love for humanity and the belief that good deeds make a difference.  Sit back, relax, and experience the meaning of Christmas in these 5 holiday classics.

Silent Night (2002)

This is a true story about a German mother who takes her son to an isolated cabin to escape the war.  Soldiers from different sides show up, and must chose how to handle the situation.  Based on true events, you will be moved by what happens on that Christmas Day so many years ago.  


This has been a cherished Christmas story for centuries.  Of all the movie versions, this is my personal favorite because of its authentic charm and realism.  When George C. Scott realizes it is Christmas Day and all is possible, I am continually inspired to make a difference in my own life.

A Christmas Carol 1984

The Gathering (1977)

A true treasure, this story tells about a father who has grown distant from his own family.  At the end of his life he desires to make authentic connections without revealing that he is dying of cancer.  The reaction from the family, as they gather for Christmas, is real and yet inspiring.  I watch this film every year and recommit to let those I love know their importance in my life.

The Gathering starring Ed Asner

This is the original cartoon version of the beloved classic.  It is a short film that is entertaining for the whole family, but still sends the message that it is not the presents that make the holiday special.  The little dog steals the show, but we all cheer for the Grinch when his small heart “grows 3 sizes that day”.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

This is an old movie with a lot of heart.  What would happen if you never existed?  This film highlights how the little things you do make a significant difference in the lives of others.  Even though this is in black and white, it remains a relevant and loved Christmas tradition.  It is a feel-good movie that reminds you about what is truly important.

It's a Wonderful Life

Is there an inspirational Christmas movie that you watch every year?  Please share!

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