The Chuck Anderson Trio will be performing at Chaplin’s Music Cafe on November 19th.  Currently living in suburban Philadelphia, renowned composer and jazz guitarist Chuck Anderson has formed a deeply-rooted presence in the music world.  He has worked as a staff guitarist for the Latin Casino and Valley Forge Music Fair, having performed with such musicians as Peggy Lee, Billy Eckstine and Michel LeGrand.  He established and performed with a trio in 1973, and devoted many years to  composing, teaching, and playing as a session musician.  Anderson has recently returned to the scene with a newly formed jazz trio.

The group released the album “Freefall” this year, featuring twelve original tunes.  Composed of Anderson on guitar, Eric Schreiber on bass, and Ed Rick on drums, the music is a unique style of contemporary guitar jazz.  All music tells a story, and this kind of music speaks loud and clear through captivating guitar work, walking bass lines, and riveting drum solos.  This particular language of jazz paints beautiful imagery.  Even those who are not typically jazz fans would probably like it.  Anderson plays with such freedom of expression, and communicates through his playing that which words cannot.

“Freefall” is diverse in tempo and musical form.  Some of the music sounds a bit like rock or funk, especially on the track “Diablo’s Dream”.  Other tunes are more bluesy or mellow, melody-driven ballads.  The group communicates so well with each other in their performances, and Anderson’s playing is impressive and virtuosic.  In the words of jazz guitarist Jimmy Bruno, Anderson “…has the ability to turn notes into poetry.” (Chuck Anderson Press)

Chaplin’s Music Café is located at 66 N. Main St in Spring City, PA.  The show is $20 in advance and $22 at the door.  Chaplin’s is known for its listening room and top-notch acoustics.

Culture The Chuck Anderson Trio at Chaplin’s Music Cafe