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The Walking Dead Recap: Episode 1.3 ‘Tell it to the Frogs’


Remember Dixon the whackjob racist?  He kicks off the episode in total delirium, only to come to and find himself still handcuffed on the roof of a building in downtown Atlanta. Walkers are trying to bust the door open so they can get his sweet brains, while he yells at Jesus and strains to reach a weapon to fight the walkers off.

After the credits, Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) are cruising back to camp with Glenn (Steven Yaun) close behind, car alarm blaring. At said camp, Grimes’ wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), and his son are putting up with Shane (Jon Bernthal) talking about how to catch frogs. The caravan arrives and Grimes looks the opposite of thrilled to meet camp. Little does he know who is waiting! “The New Guy” as Grimes is dubbed by Glenn, is perfectly stunned when he sees Shane, and then his wife and son. Lori is also flabbergasted and trades a look with Shane that says “that ends that.”

Everyone is around the campfire and Lori shares that Grimes was supposed to be medevaced to Atlanta when he was in the hospital. But the hospital was overrun before this could happen. Grimes thanks Shane for saving him, but Shane looks pretty pouty. Shane tries to make a fuss about the fire being too big (it will attract walkers) but tries to turn it political by thanking everyone for their cooperation.

Dixon’s brother isn’t at camp, and therefore the gang talks openly about how they’re going to hide Dixon’s fate from him. Because what could go wrong? After T-Dog says he left the door locked and that Dixon is probably still very alive, Grimes decides to go get him. But first, it is time for a little snuggling with the Mrs., who is beating herself up over leaving him at the hospital, sleeping with Shane, and not putting out on his first night back. Instead she busts out the family photo albums and apologizes for “everything.”  She defines this as the hospital snafu, and neglects to mention Shane. Then she offers his wedding ring back and finally the magic happens.

When Grimes wakes up he sees a tell-tale shoe (adultery!). Carl screams and a walker is chowing down on a deer. The living then beat the walker to after-life death with garden tools.  No one has seen a walker up this far, and they are worried about migration. Darrel, Dixon’s brother, has been out hunting squirrels and when everyone at camp stares at him he feels on point. Grimes tells the truth, and Darrel attacks him with a knife. Lori offers up the fact that Grimes is headed back to save him, even though everyone resists. Grimes gets Glenn, T-Dog and of course Darrel. Shane and Lori are against the plan, but Grimes reminds them that there’s a bag of guns and the father-son team from the pilot episode trying to communicate with the walkie talkie in the bag.

Grimes gathers tool cutters and also says he’ll pick up the bag of tools that was dropped. Good thing Atlanta only has one street where all the loot must be! Never mind all those suburbs that would have gun and supply stores… no, downtown is where the party (and Dixon) is at.

Shane and Carl go to the lake to catch frogs, and Shane makes a play to bond with him. The ladies watch and gripe about how they ended up with all the domestic work. They sit in a laundry circle, remembering the things they miss: coffee, texting, vibrators. When Lori finds Carl, she lays down the law with Shane, saying her family is off limits to him. Turns out Shane told them Grimes was dead.

Shane shows some redeeming values by beating up the guy harassing the women, and basically threatening to rape his wife in front of everyone. When his wife goes running to him, the other women look torn about whether Shane is the villain or should have kept going. (They don’t ask me, but remember domestic violence is never OK, and if anyone you know needs help, get help and get out. Go here for more: )

The boys make it back to the department store in record time, and get to the roof only to find… Dixon gone! But his hand is still there, along with the now empty handcuffs.

Bonus Thoughts:

*We are halfway through AMC’s The Walking Dead season one; a mere six episodes. With the number of people to keep track of, the series will end with crammed story lines, forgotten characters, or both. We could use some Lost-style backgrounds to flesh out just about everyone. But there just isn’t time.

*If Dixon had stayed quiet, there seems to be a very small chance of the walkers finding him. They just wander, unless there is a commotion.

* The chance for a ‘stagger-on’ role can be won here: and the magic word for the week is ‘fever’.

*The Viagra commercials are too hilarious. There’s just something about zombies and four hour erections… they’re both just so stiff.