iTunes presented a cryptic banner today, with the words “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” Following the statement is a reminder to check back tomorrow for an “exciting announcement” on Tuesday.

The iconic 'With The Beatles' album, which may finally be available on iTunes with the rest of the Beatles catalog
Many online sleuths are already speculating that the big surprise is the addition of the Beatles extensive catalog to the iTunes library, (others believe that it will be streaming audio and video, I can’t help but admit that the former is considerably more exciting). Sources from the Wall Street Journal claim that Apple made a deal with EMI last week, but also warned that Apple could change plans “at the last minute.”

For years fans have been wondering how the biggest name in online music retail could not include the biggest band in popular music. The reasons are not completely clear, but Apple and Apple Corps have been butting heads ever since 1978, when the Beatles’ company claimed that Apple infringed on the band’s trademark apple logo. With iTunes going on 9 years now, fans have faithfully waited, in hopes that someday the two might come to an agreement. Well, that day just might be tomorrow.

There’s only way to know for sure: tune in at 10am EST (7am on the west coast) when the big announcement will be revealed.

“Tomorrow is just another day”…?

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