Daniel Snyder must have been hanging out with the San Francisco Giants a couple of weeks ago.  He just signed Donovan McNabb to a brand spanking new 5 year $78 million deal.  Has Mr. Snyder been watching the news or in town with his team the last couple of weeks?  McNabb has been ripped by his head coach, Mike Shanahan, after being pulled from a game in Detroit.  I for one love the signing.  It will give me something to talk and post about for the next 5 years. 

McNabb has had a pretty sub-par year so far.  The Redskins sit at 4-4, pending their game tonight against my hometown Eagles.  They could pull themselves into a tie with the Eagles, whose record is 5-3.  The Eagles, meanwhile could pull into a tie for first with the NY Giants (thank you, Jason Garrett). 

I almost understand the signing from a Redskins perspective, but the timing is absolutely awful.  When was the last time the Redskins had a viable QB?  Even their Super Bowl quarterbacks were lackluster; Joe Gibbs won with the Hogs, a good running game, good receivers, and good defense.  Rypien, Mike Williams, Joe Theismann were the last 3 QBs of note, and add a dash of Heath Shuler and Sage Rosenfels.  Theisman was the best of that bunch, and he is more known for contributing one of the most horrific injuries to the sport, than his actual play.  McNabb is head and shoulders above even Theismann, but with 2 weeks of in-fighting, why make this move now? 


This move reaks of Snyder.  I can’t imagine that the Shanahans could have been instrumental in this move.  Daniel Snyder has a history of falling in love with name guys.  Bruce Smith, Larry Johnson, Steve Spurrier are just a few.  McNabb is at least not DONE, like Johnson or Smith.  All the latest controversy aside, how about the impending NFL labor apocalypse?  Between McNabb and Albert Haynesworth, the ‘Skins have $200 million invested minus what Haynesworth has already pilfered, as he warms his rear on the bench currently.  If this impending labor dispute drastically changes the salary cap, the Redskins could be in major trouble. 

Again, as an Eagles fan, I think this signing is fantastic.  How many posts have I had about McNabb already?  Five and he’s not even playing here anymore.  I get five more years of this?!  Awesome.  I don’t fear McNabb, nor does Andy Reid fear him, obviously.  If he was willing to trade him in division and face him twice a year, he must not be worried.  The only thing that should worry Eagles fans is this:  if McNabb is worth 5 years, $78 million and 33 years old, what is next year’s free agent, Michael Vick worth?  As I mentioned last week, Vick is playing out of his mind and at 30 still has a good amount of his career ahead of him.  Anyway, here’s to you Donovan.  Glad to have you around and we’ll see you tonight, and for a good long time.  I wish you good luck, because you are going to need it.

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