As Michael Vick’s performance gets better with each game, the debates are beginning to unfold about his chances at MVP. It is true that he definitely put up MVP numbers in Monday Night Football as the Philadelphia Eagles trounced Donovan McNabb and the Washington Redskins 59-28. Vick threw four touchdown passes and rushed for two more for 413 total yards. He achieved a 150.7 passer rating on the night as he completed 20 of 28 passes.

What might keep Vick out of the running for MVP is the fact that he has only played five full games out of the Eagles’ nine so far this season. Thanks to the Redskins, Vick suffered a rib cartilage injury when he got sandwiched between two Redskins early in the Week 4 matchup that cost him almost four full games out of the season. At least Vick was able to get some revenge over the Redskins for his injury on Monday Night Football.

Because of the lack of time on the field, Vick currently ranks No. 27 in passing yards, according to ESPN. However, he has a No. 1-ranked passer rating after Week 10 in the NFL with a No. 2-ranked average yards per pass with 8.8. He leads all quarterbacks when it comes to rushing with an average 7.8 yards per carry and four rushing touchdowns. Also (prepare to knock on wood), Vick has not thrown a single interception so far this season.

Let’s say he continues his pace and the leading passers in the NFL continue theirs. What does the MVP title come down to? Because there is almost half the season left in the schedule, many people are saying it is an insult to consider Vick as an MVP because of how few games he has played compared to the other leading QBs. Others are looking past football completely in saying that Vick doesn’t deserve to be considered and people shouldn’t be glorifying him for his football accolades because of his past crimes with dog fighting.

Vick has already done his time for being involved with dog fighting. He served time in prison and missed two whole seasons of football for his crimes. Since then, he has been paying his debt to society by working with charities and was even nominated by teammates to receive the Ed Block Courage Award. Though it is OK to not forgive him for his crimes, as many people probably never will, his past should not hinder him from receiving an MVP award at season’s end if he truly deserves it. I don’t think I have to get into past sports stars who got in trouble with the law and went on to have normal careers and awards in their respective sports. Though I do not justify any of Vick’s past, I do think it is wrong for fans to hold this against Vick when other athletes have harmed humans and are going about their careers as if nothing ever happened.

What will happen in the final seven games of the season will certainly be the true test of whether or not Vick deserves to be named MVP. The Eagles are currently tied for first place with the Giants as each team stands at 6-3 after Week 10, but the Giants visit the Birds next week in what could ultimately decide the rest of the season for each team with momentum being a key factor. If Vick can keep up his stellar performance for the rest of the season, it should be an easy decision to name him MVP.

Despite who gets named MVP this year, Vick is more than deserving of some pride for the Eagles organization. He has actually come back to the NFL stronger than he has ever been and has a chance of leading this Philadelphia franchise deep into the playoffs.

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