By Ed Yourdon (CC-BY-SA-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

After watching last night’s demolition of Donovan McNabb and Washington Redskins, I remain conflicted.  As great as he has played, I am still having trouble rooting for Mike Vick.  It’s almost like a have to split my personality in two, one who roots for the player and the “laundry” and one who is still appalled by what Vick has done.  It’s almost as though Vick putting on a helmet and a midnight green jersey makes him a robot or another person.

In one of my very first posts, Why Michael Vick was the Wrong Choice, I stated my concern over starting Vick altogether.  Vick has blown away all and any expectations and is playing like a man against boys.  I questioned his accuracy and his work ethic and he has proved me totally wrong.  However, the last question I posed was exactly the issue I am having.  I can’t reconcile the horrific facts of what Vick perpetrated with the fact that he is playing at an All-Pro level.

Vick’s crimes against dogs are well-publicized and I don’t really want to delve into the details.  The excuses that people have made for Vick are exactly that – excuses.  Upbringing and culture have been brought up as reasons for what he did.  In my opinion, it takes a sadistic person to murder innocent animals in the manner that they were murdered.  Drowning and electrocution are torturous.

I am all for second chances, and I don’t want to prevent Vick from making a living.  I just begrudge Vick making his living here.  I love that the Eagles are winning and they may be the best team in the NFC right now.  They are coming up to a huge game against their division rival, the New York Giants.  Next Sunday, I’ll be here rooting for the team in green with the bird on their helmet.  As DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin catch passes and LeSean McCoy runs, I’ll cheer.  I’ll even cheer for the quarterback wearing the #7 jersey.  I just can’t bear to root for the man behind that mask.

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