Amazing things happen when Frederic Yonnet puts a harmonica to his lips. The seemingly modest diatonic harp stretches out and Yonnet seems to magically reach all kinds of notes that shouldn’t be there. He’s one of a handful of harmonica players in the world who truly make it a versatile instrument capable of playing almost any kind of music. Yonnet usually chooses contemporary jazz and you’ll hear the harmonica play lines you might expect from a soprano saxophone.

On Saturday afternoon, November 20th, he’ll put some of that magic towards a good cause. He’ll perform at the Mo’ Than Jazz Sickle Cell Awareness Concert at  the Florida Avenue Baptist  Church.  The event is intended to raise awareness of sickle cell disease. There will be screenings and exhibits about the blood disease that affects millions of Americans. Additional performers include gospel jazz artist Steven B & Friends and Florida Avenue Baptist Church’s Adoration Choir.  There’s also a free children’s harmonica workshop before the concert at 2:30.

Culture Mo’ Than Jazz Sickle Cell Awareness Concert Featuring Frédéric Yonnet