Coming to Philadelphia’s Electric Factory February 11th, Philly’s own, Dr. Dog, and Seattle newcomers, The Head and the Heart, will be shaking things up on stage with some off-kilter harmonies and Beatlesque songcraft. This is music filled with the nostalgic yearning for finding that home again.

The Head and the Heart lives in the Heart.

The Head and the Heart’s self-titled debut is one of the most uplifting and well-tied together albums of 2010. If you have not downloaded “Down in the Valley”, “Lost In My Mind” or “Heaven Go Easy On Me”, please do so now. Interesting song structures, burlesque vamp piano and soaring harmonies give the album an uncanny cohesiveness that reminds one of the days when bands used to cut complete albums, as opposed to cut and pasting singles and so much filler material. The Head and the Heart’s singer, Josiah Johnson, reminds of Andrew Bird, without the deliberate abstruseness. The tunes take you on a merry little cinematic ride, in a canoe with violins for paddles on a gentle river made of whiskey.

In the morning above the sound of your coffee grinder (or pot, caterwauling like an old S.P. freight train through the misted drizzle), you’ll hear this album and once again muster the courage to venture into the overpopulated morning world (which is called rush hour exactly why again? More like sigh, honk, sigh hour. ) Hush.

The power of music, as both of these bands remind, is the singular emotional power that comes from living in the heart, which is where all the most beautiful things in life stream from. As Johnson sings on “Lost In My Mind”: “Momma once told me,/You’re already home when you feel loved.”

*”Where do all the shadow people go?,” as Dr. Dog asks in their own radio-friendly ode to nocturnal disconnection. Well, to the Electric Factory, of course ,to be redeemed by the old-time religion of some down-home, heart-based harmonies of these modern day Beatles aficionados.

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