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Weeds Recap: Season 6 Finale “Theoretical Love Is Not Dead”

Weeds - Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin Photo: Jordin Althaus/SHOWTIME

 How did the season 6 of Weeds finale end? It ended with Nancy executing ‘Plan C’. 

The previous Weeds episode “Fran Tarkenton” ended with Nancy entering journalist Vaughn’s motel room and finding it ransacked with Guillermo García Gómez (Guillermo Díaz) and her husband, Mexican gangster Esteban inside. 

The season six Weeds finale “Theoretical Love Is Not Dead” picked up in the motel room. Guillermo chloroformed Nancy, tied her hands, and put her in the trunk of his car where she awakens next to a dead Vaughn. 

Seeing Vaughn dead with a clear plastic bag over his head (leading to believe that is how he was killed since there was no blood) sent Nancy into screaming mode. Esteban and Guillermo put her in the backseat to lower the chance of attention being drawn to them. 

In the car Esteban tells Nancy all he wants is his son (Stevie) and if he doesn’t get Stevie, then he will show the DVD of Shane killing Pilar to the police. Nancy threatens Esteban that if he goes to the police, she will tell every last secret he has. Esteban responds by hitting Nancy in the face, causing her nose to bleed. 

During this time, Andy is at Lars’ house trying to get Silas to come with them to the airport. Silas decides to stay behind with what he coined his ‘sperm daddy’ Lars. Andy leaves Silas’ ticket and passport, just in case he has a change of heart. Andy, Shane, baby Stevie, and William Schiff (Richard Dreyfuss) go to the airport, and smoothly make it past security. 

Weeds - "Theoretical Love Is Not Dead"

While the boys went through security, Nancy, Esteban, and Guillermo arrived at the airport. People noticed Nancy looking distraught, and the dried blood under her nose. Guillermo takes her to the ladies room to clean up, and while in there a cleaning lady comes in and kicks him out. Nancy borrows the cleaning ladies cell phone to call Andy and tell him ‘Plan C’ is now in effect. 

Esteban attempts to purchase plane tickets for the same flight Nancy has, but it is sold out. He tells the ticket agent to book any flight leaving from that terminal which draws red flags, and security is called over. Nancy is always a quick thinker and pretends she does not know them, and that Guillermo picked up her ticket and passport by accident. With security and crowd full of people starring at them, Guillermo hands Nancy her passport and ticket. She quickly goes to her terminal while Esteban and Guillermo get taken away by security for questioning.

Once Nancy is with Shane, Warren, and Andy she says Stevie needs to be changed before getting on the flight, and that everyone else should go on without her. Andy says there is still time for ‘Plan A’ (everyone flee to Copenhagen) but Nancy insists ‘Plan C’ has to take place. 

The boys board the flight, and Nancy is left in the terminal with Stevie. She turns around and there is Esteban, Guillermo, and her oldest son Silas. He had a change of heart, and was going to meet them at the airport, but Esteban and Guillermo caught him first.

She tells Silas to get on the plane, and tells Esteban to take Stevie, but that she is staying too. Once on the flight, cops board and head for Shane/Warren’s aisle. The take Warren into custody for being a suspect in the burglary of a United States post office. Warren pretends not to know Shane, and tells him that he can keep his pillow, and that is was expensive.

Weeds - "Theoretical Love Is Not Dead"

For one last Mr. Warren Schiff laugh for the audience, he takes the Skymall catalog before being escorted off the plane. Once the cops are gone, Shane looks inside the over-sized pillow, and finds all the money Warren stole from the post office.

Nancy sees Warren being escorted off the plane, and as he passes her he says, theoretically if he did steal the money, he did it because he loves someone very much (hence episode title “Theoretical Love Is Not Dead”). Esteban and Guillermo make her leave, and all three (plus baby Stevie strapped to Nancy’s chest) take the long walk through the airport to the exit.

In an attempt to stall, Nancy asks Esteban if they can have sex one more time, in which he replies that won’t save her, nothing will. Nancy replies to his answer with, “Except ‘Plan C'”.

Weeds - "Theoretical Love Is Not Dead").

Walking out they are greeted by the FBI, and as all three put their hands in the air Nancy says, “I killed Pilar, please arrest me.” Turns out, ‘Plan C’ entails everyone getting on the flight to Copenhagen except Nancy and Stevie. Nancy pretends to turn over Stevie to Esteban, and Andy calls the FBI’s missing person hot-line to report he had seen Nancy Botwin (who they had been looking for) at the airport which ensures Nancy being taking away by the FBI for questioning, and not be Esteban who was going to have her killed.

The season six finale of Weeds closes out with the lyrics, “I hear you’re leaving town ,and I am feeling down, you should know that nothing leaves my side,” playing over a shot of Shane, Andy, and Silas safely on a departed flight before cutting back to Nancy, Esteban, and Guillermo all frozen surrounded by the FBI.

The lyrics seem fitting, and one thing consistent is how perfect the closing song in each episode of Weeds embodies the entire episode. The song being played is “Hey Ho” by Gin Wigmore. What did you think of the Weeds season 6 finale? I thought it was more humorous than previous episodes, which I liked. Bringing back Guillermo was a smart idea, him and Nancy have great chemistry on-screen and their give and take was brilliantly written.

I was a little sad to see Warren Schiff being arrested, he had grown on me as a character and Richard Dreyfuss was great in the role. They had to cut his character out somehow, and tying him back with Skymall was a funny way to do it. I also liked how they ended Doug’s season six story-line last week, and did not carry it over to the finale. It made things run more smoothly with almost the entire episode taking place at the airport. With that being said, I wonder why none of the Botwins made a mention of where Doug was, I thought that was an oversight in the writing.

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Funny quotes from Weeds season 6 finale: “Theoretical Love Is Not Dead”

Andy: I’m saying goodbye to my nephew who I love, who I am going to miss, and who I might never see again.
Lars: Technically, he is not your nephew.
Shane: Shut the f**k up Lars Guinard.

Nancy: (Looking at Guillermo’s shoes) What are those?
Guillermo: I’m training for the marathon, they are my barefoot shows. I’m connecting with the Earth and avoiding heel strike.
Nancy: You don’t look very fit.
Guillermo: My resting heart rate is down to 58 bitch, so f**k you.

Warren Schiff: (Writing Jesus on the front of his hat) If someone approaches my aisle and looks like they are going to sit down, I flash them my Jesus hat and say ‘Hello friend.’
Andy: That is genius.
Warren Schiff: Some people will sit in the toilet the whole flight rather than park it next to me.
Shane: What if an actual believer sits in the middle seat and actually wants to talk scripture with you the entire flight?
Warren Schiff: Then I just watch porn on my laptop.