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Exhumed Films Presents: Troll 2 and Gremlins Double Feature @ the iHouse


With the documentary Best Worst Movie finally hitting DVD, my favorite Philadelphian horror film historians Exhumed Films are putting together a double feature Friday, December 17th that can’t be missed; featuring Troll 2 and the original Gremlins in glorious 35mm at the iHouse.

Pairing one of the worst sequels to a monster film ever with one of the best originals is just one of those things that makes every Exhumed showing a must-attend! If you’re not familiar with Exhumed films they are a local group who pride themselves on showing some of the best horror and cult film 35mm has to offer, and this is no exception.

A few of the guys from Exhumed also run Diabolik DVD one of the best horror and cult import sites on the net, and they always have a table at every screening, so each showing is almost like a mini convention for horror fans.

Tickets for the event are $11 in advance, which you can get here and $10 at the door. Doors open at 7:30pm and the film starts at 8:00pm.