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Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap – Finale


Finale time!  I’m celebrating with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie and glass of pinot noir, how about you?

Yigit, Morgan and Danielle are preparing for the final challenge.  Yigit is focused and (thankfully) shirtless.  Morgan is still making borderline unacceptable remarks about Zac’s sexuality.  Danielle is hoping to win because it would be a good boost for her business.  The chefs arrive to the Top Chef kitchen to be greeted by Gail and no Quickfire.  Nothing left to do but create a progressive four course dessert tasting for twelve diners, and sweat wondering what the twist will be.  Gail sends them back to the loft to get ready for a special surprise.

The special surprise is in the form of Johnny Cash!  Oh, excuse me, that’s Johnny Iuzzini, who invites the three chefs to taste some desserts that it turns out are made by three of the best pastry chefs around: Elizabeth Faulkner, Sherry Yard and Claudia Fleming, who will be serving as the sous chefs for our finalists.  The pairings are Yigit-Sherry, Danielle-Elizabeth and Morgan-Claudia.  Morgan wonders if Claudia will approve of him or just think he’s “an ass-clown that doesn’t belong.”  Oh, Morgan.  I think you’re an ass-clown, but I must begrudgingly admit that you at least appear to belong in the finale.

Yigit claims that Claudia Fleming is a calm person and Morgan’s a dick, so he thinks they might have trouble working together (foreshadowing alert!).  Morgan is shocked that Danielle is having her celebrity pastry chef shell pistachios and I HATE IT WHEN I AGREE WITH HIM.  Yigit and Sherry dance and giggle; no matter who wins we know who the best team is.  Johnny Iuzzini comes and visits and has nothing of note to say, while Morgan apparently has a lot of notable things to say to Claudia.  The problem comes in when Claudia freely admits that she has no clue what he’s talking about with his newfangled techniques and pastes one of the best “Bitch, you CRAZY” looks on her face that I’ve seen on reality television.  She then points out in confessional that since she’s the sous chef it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know what he’s doing, nor should he be wasting time explaining it to her.  Ah, but Claudia, then how will he make himself feel superior to you?

The chefs head home for the night, wake up and it’s back to the kitchen, and there’s the twist we’ve all been waiting for!  Good-bye celebrity chefs, hello past contestants; and in an even meaner twist, the chefs don’t get to pick their helpers, they have to draw a cookie from the cookie jar.  I’m really hoping Erika gets picked, I’m still mad she isn’t in the finals.  Yigit picks Tim, Danielle picks Tania and Morgan in a delicious schadenfreude moment, picks Heather who is the only person on the show who openly hates him more than Zac.  Dammit, Erika, you were robbed!  The other five chefs get to eat with the judges…if you do the math you’ll notice one person is missing.  Yes, that’s right, Red Hots wasn’t asked to return.  A decision made by a mental health professional I assume.

Judging time!  I would transcribe all the dishes for you, but that would probably require me to be awake for the next four days trying to spell all the words I’ve never heard of.  The first course comes out and all three chefs get excellent reviews.  Second course and Yigit stays strong, while  Danielle and Morgan get high marks for flavor but low for presentation.  Third course!  Morgan is having souffle issues something serious, and in a twist no one saw coming Heather comes through, calms him down and gets his best desserts out to the judges.  Ah, Heather, I knew you weren’t actually evil.  I’m glad we’ve seen you have a moment of redemption.  However, despite her best efforts, Morgan gets dinged hard for his inconsistent souffles, while Yigit and Danielle get the thumbs up.  Fourth and final course!  Yigit gets excellent reviews, Danielle gets good reviews and Morgan gets rapturous reviews.  Based on all four courses, I’d say it’s Yigit’s game.

Judge’s Table!  No guest judge tonight, just Gail, Johnny, Hubert and Danielle.  The judges play it very close to the vest, giving mostly excellent reviews, but dinging each person enough to keep it interesting.  They send the chefs off to the stew room and continue to hem and haw without committing to an opinion.  Now I’m getting worried for Yigit.  They can’t give Morgan the win after those souffles, can they?  And the winner is…Yigit!  Yay!  My happiness is only clouded by the fact that I haven’t been entering all of those contests to try to win a cooking class with the winner of Top Chef: Just Desserts.

And your final sprinkles of the season:

– The editor who left the clip in of Yigit tripping on the way out of the apartment has a real mean streak.  I approve.

– “I’m just going to pray to Buddha because there will be no sourness in my food today.”

– Claudia Fleming openly hating on Morgan during the judging was delicious, made only more fun by Sherry Yard and Yigit surreptitiously waving at each other like school children.

– Did James Oseland’s red converse leap out at anyone else?

– “The meringue is not blue.  It’s violet.”  <snap with a lowered shoulder>

– “I wanna bathe myself in milk-jam candy.”  I love you, Gail.

– The tag between Gail and Yigit with Yigit receiving his Buick Regal was just silly.  Those two had clearly just had a few cocktails.  I want to go to there.

– See you all here in two weeks for Top Chef: All Stars!